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333 Park Avenue South, New York
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For the first time ever here at The Infatuation, two people wrote a review of the same restaurant, unbeknownst to each other. After examining both perspectives on The Little Beet Table, we realized that we had a bit of a “he said, she said” situation on our hands. So we decided to combine them into one review.

Keep in mind that there was never much disagreement about the quality of the food at The Little Beet Table - it’s a solid restaurant serving dishes that won’t make you want to die after eating them. But it’s also a specific kind of “healthy restaurant food in a cute environment” experience. How much you like it probably just depends on your point of view. Here’s two of them.

“I love this place. It feels like Tim Burton stole the blueprint from the Garden of Eden, dragged it through The Spotted Pig’s meat locker, then challenged The Little Beet Table’s chef to make something of it. It’s not off-the-wall funky or overly heavy on the meat. And just like its Little Beet predecessor in Midtown, it has that healthy/farm fresh thing going, but a meal here won’t leave you starved or confused. It’s also got a sort of romantic, almost ABC Kitchen-like atmosphere with a cozier feel and a poppin’ bar area. I never thought I’d be this down with a restaurant in such close proximity to a bar that was once called The Hairy Monk.”


“That piece of chicken was pretty good. Get me out of here.”


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Food Rundown

The Little Beet Table review image

Baby Kale Salad

Standard. We know. But this salad is really good. Order freely.

The Little Beet Table review image

Tuna Tataki

If you’re into avocado and tuna, get a load of this. An excellent way to start a meal at The Little Beet Table.

The Little Beet Table review image

Tender Shrimp

Served with chickpeas and a sturdy dose of garlic and chili, this shrimp is packed with flavor. Just beware of the chilis - they have a tendency to murder your mouth if you’re not careful.

Mushroom Flatbread

Don’t let the gluten-free labels throw you. Get this flatbread. The roasted ’shrooms are fantastic, and when combined with lots of cheese and potent spices, you’ll forget there’s no flour fooling your buds into thinking you’re enjoying it. You’re really, truly enjoying it.

Pan Roasted Hudson Valley Roasted Chicken

We tend to prefer our birds from the artsy riverbeds of the Hudson. And once we saw its prep was a little nod to Simon and Garfunkel (parrrsley, sage, rosemaryyy, and thyme), we were sold. You won’t be blown away, but you won’t be mad, either.

The Little Beet Table review image

LBT Burger

A nice slab of beef served with roasted tomato, crunchy potato things, bacon, and special sauce on top. Do it up.

Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Cheesecake

The portion is small, but if you eat everything above (like we have, several times) then the serving is just the right amount to close out the meal. And don’t be a rookie and skip out on the cara cara orange served on the side. It tastes like grapefruit sorbet (maybe it is grapefruit sorbet?).

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