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Kjun serves the only Korean-Cajun food in New York City. This takeout-and-delivery spot is a one-person operation - run by Jae Jung, a chef who spent years in New Orleans and has worked at Le Bernardin and the now-closed Café Boulud. But Kjun’s intrigue quickly transitions from “hmm cool” to “holy sh*t” as soon as you take your first bite of kimchi jambalaya, which incorporates kimchi that’s been fermenting for three months. It turns out the combination of pungent cabbage funk, andouille sausage, and a base of fiery, cajun holy trinity mirepoix layering makes for a bowl of revelatory rice. Kjun is currently operating out of a basement catering kitchen on East 9th Street. You can try their generously portioned bowls for takeout or delivery between Wednesday and Sunday.

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