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Janchi Myeonga

For about three years, Janchi Myeonga has been serving as a neighborhood banchan shop in large part catering to the Korean community in Murray Hill but opening its arms to anyone visiting this corner of Queens. Come here to take your pick from a treasure trove of classics. - your kimchi, jeon, jorim, namul, and jjim plus a few rarer additions. In a large glass fridge with a huge selection of kimchi and pickle varietals, the one specialty you need to snag is the salad container’s worth of gul bossam kimchi (oyster kimchi and pine nuts). It’s super ripe and strikes an impeccable balance of funky spice and fishy umami. But the rarest banchan among them is the yangnyum gaejang (raw spicy marinated crabs) - a generous container filled to the brim with succulent tails will only cost you $10.

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