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Our 15 Favorite NYC Restaurant Week Deals

You’ll need some help narrowing down the 400+ options.

Restaurant Week is back, although it’s actually four weeks, running from July 24 to August 20. If your favorite form of dining is prix fixe, consider this your month. There are around 500 restaurants participating this year, and, honestly, some of them are boring (or worse), but there are also a lot of spots worth getting excited about. To save you some time, we combed through the list and picked a few where we’d gladly eat, even without a deal.

This year, restaurants are offering $30, $45, and $60 multi-course meals, although not every place has all of these options, so be sure to check beforehand to see how much you’ll be spending. Additionally, not every restaurant is participating for the full four weeks, and Saturdays are excluded (while Sundays are optional). Get more info and book your table here.


Le Rock

The Deal: $45 Lunch

Le Rock has no business being as good as it is. The restaurant, from the people behind Frenchette, is just a few steps from the tourist-mobbed plaza at Rockefeller Center, and it not only looks like an immaculate Art Deco bistro, but also serves the best traditional French food in a five-mile radius. A $45 lunch should be well worth it, especially if you’re looking to see a few B-listers eating pâté.

The Deal: $45 Lunch, $45 Lunch/Brunch, $45 Dinner, $45 Sunday Dinner

You should always be eating at Melba’s. But if it’s been a while since you popped in, use Restaurant Week as an excuse. The service at this Harlem restaurant is casual and friendly, there’s always a good crowd, and the Southern food is eternally comforting in a home-cooked kind of way. Remember to get a side of collard greens.

The Deal: $30 Lunch, $30 Sunday Lunch/Brunch, $45 Dinner, $45 Sunday Dinner

There are so many French restaurants in New York City with generic names and forgettable food, but Steak Frites isn’t one of them (although, admittedly, the name is generic.) If you still haven’t tried the signature dish at this Hell’s Kitchen spot from the people behind Lovely’s Old Fashioned, come during restaurant week, and start with the escargots.

The Deal: $60 Dinner

Since it opened in 2020, Kokomo has been a consistently fun place for a night out in Williamsburg. If you haven’t made it over yet, come through, grab a velvet seat in the island-themed space, and have a special three-course Caribbean dinner. You can choose from things like jerk chicken and curry mussels, with dessert at the end.

The Deals: $60 Dinner, $60 Sunday Dinner, $45 Sunday Lunch/Brunch

One of the top Palestinian restaurants in the city, Qanoon serves food that has a home-cooked feel in a cozy little space with brick walls and soft lighting. Past Restaurant Week offerings have included kibbeh, muhammara, and, our favorite dish of theirs, musakhan served with taboon bread that soaks up all the chicken flavor.

The Deals: $60 Lunch

If you’re feeling up to the challenge of eating a variety of heavy British foods in the middle of the day, stop by Hawksmoor in Nomad for their Restaurant Week lunch. With options that include steak frites and their signature potted beef and bacon, you’ll get a nice survey of what this upscale London import does best.

The Deals: $45 Lunch, $60 Dinner

Tanoreen has been around since 1998 serving fantastic Middle Eastern food from Palestine, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. The Bay Ridge staple is a wonderful place to eat with a group, so bring a few friends who share your enthusiasm for baba ganoush and sumac-spiced meat.

The Deals: $45 Lunch, $60 Dinner

The coconut crab curry at Fish Cheeks is thick and luxurious, with a good amount of heat. We can’t guarantee that’ll be on the Restaurant Week menu, but we can guarantee that whatever Thai food you wind up eating will be the highlight of your week. There’s a reason why people line up for this Noho restaurant.

The Deals: $45 Lunch, $45 Sunday Lunch/Brunch

How many memories do you have at Union Square Cafe? If the answer is “none,” that’s an issue, and you should go make some. Danny Meyer’s seasonal American staple is still going strong, and it’s even managed to stay relevant despite the fact that every other downtown restaurant is now also serving mafaldine and crudo.

The Deals: $60 Dinner, $60 Sunday Dinner

The name alone should get you in the door. If that’s not enough, you should know that this Astoria restaurant is like a budget Peter Luger, with better steak. Yes, the dining room is a bit dated, and there’s a distracting TV over the bar, but this is a steakhouse. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

The Deals: $30 Lunch, $60 Dinner, $60 Sunday Dinner

More people should be talking about Chalong. This Hell’s Kitchen place opened earlier this year, and it’s unique in that it focuses on seafood-heavy Southern Thai food. For Restaurant Week, they’ll be serving steamed fish, grilled shrimp with curry paste, goat curry, and more.

The Deals: $45 Dinner, $45 Sunday Dinner, $30 Sunday Lunch/Brunch

Equal parts cocktail lounge and restaurant, Dhom specializes in Southeast Asian small plates that you can work your way through as you drink a few lychee martinis. Highlights from past visits to this East Village spot have included crisp spring rolls, a crunchy coconut rice salad, and charred beef skewers with lemongrass and fish sauce.

The Deals: $30 Lunch, $30 Lunch/Brunch, $60 Dinner, $60 Sunday Dinner

You deserve to eat somewhere with regal chandeliers and tiled walls painted with cockatoos. So head to Daniel Boulud’s Lyon-inspired bistro in FiDi, where Restaurant Week offerings range from pâté and crudité to chocolate mousse and pasta with shrimp and mussels.

The Deals: $60 Dinner, $60 Sunday Dinner

Swing by 8282 on the Lower East Side if you want to listen to loud K-Pop and drink a gochujang margarita. The menu changes often, but it’s always full of hits. Expect modern Korean food like snapper ceviche, Iberico galbi, and tuna tartare topped with uni and egg custard.

The Deals: $30 Lunch, $60 Dinner, $60 Sunday Dinner

Harlem’s Ponty Bistro is an interesting place. The food is a mix of French, Senegalese, and North African, with some classic American stuff tossed in. We’re talking poulet yassa and escargot, but also burgers and truffle mac and cheese. Bring a date, and eat a mix of cuisines at a little marble table.

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Our 15 Favorite NYC Restaurant Week Deals guide image