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Chino Grande review image

NYC Review

Chino Grande

At Chino Grande in Williamsburg, you can eat a whole lobster with Sichuan au poivre sauce and sing karaoke in front of a bunch of strangers.

Nudibranch review image

NYC Review


Nudibranch in the East Village serves a three-course prix-fixe with flavor combinations from multiple cuisines that make perfect sense together.

Contra review image

NYC Review


Contra is a Lower East Side restaurant that serves a rotating menu of seasonal, experimental dishes, and wine that’s cooler than you are.

Red Paper Clip review image

NYC Review

Red Paper Clip

Red Paper Clip serves a very good six-course tasting menu for $95 in a bare West Village space.

Underfinger review image

NYC Review


This place is so real, it’s not even real. Or is it?

Fulgurances, Laudromat review image

NYC Review

Fulgurances, Laudromat

If you’re interested in experiencing a chef incubator, make a reservation for this intimate, special-occasion dinner.