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It’s painful going back and reading a lot of the reviews I wrote when we started The Infatuation. Freemans was one of my first stabs at a restaurant review. There was nothing Immaculate about my writing skills back then.

Although it's lost a little of its luster recently, we still love Freemans. It ranks among our favorite restaurants of all time. We’ve got a lot of history here, and the food, although not 9.0 worthy as it was back when we started this site, is still really damn good. The artichoke dip is incredible, and the filet is just as awesome as you remember it. Yes, the whole rustic looking, upstate feeling, flannel wearing, bourbon drinking vibe Freemans nailed is often imitated, but it is never truly replicated. Bastard children of Lord Freeman pop up everywhere, and apparently even being a bus boy here qualifies you to go open a place of your own.

Freemans has been a key player in the restaurant renaissance we’re currently living in. It may not be a “secret” anymore, but this remains one of Manhattan’s elite dining experiences. And to us, it will always be worth the two-hour wait. Do people still wait that long to eat here?

Food Rundown

Artichoke Dip

You’re committing a serious crime if you don’t get the artichoke dip to start. I don’t even like artichokes, but this is easily the best dip I’ve ever eaten in my life. Have you ever craved a dip before? You will after you try this.

Razor Clam Chowder

So good, but you might want to split it because it can fill you up fast. You could just get the artichoke dip and the clam chowder as your meal and leave happy.

Steamed New England Mussels & Clams

This isn’t just a bowl of steamers, this is a bowl of heaven. Sometimes they’ll serve this as just little neck clams, sometimes just mussels and sometimes a mix of both. The sauce of cherry tomatoes, white wine, and scallions is incredible. Huge pieces of grilled baguette sit at the bottom of the bowl and soak up the goodness.

Roasted Chicken

They say you can tell how good a restaurant is by how well they make a chicken dish. Their preparation may change from time to time, but regardless, you need to know that the chicken dish will always be one of the best options on the menu. Order the bird with pride. You’ll thank us later.

Seared Filet Mignon

Perfectly cooked and served with a full roasted onion, a stack of mashed potatoes, and a delicious horseradish cream. This is Freemans’ signature entree and should be what you order when you pop your Freemans cherry. Save the striped bass for next time.

Grilled Maine Sea Scallops

One dish we always enjoy here are the scallops. The last time we went, they were served atop a bed of charred corn and pickled green tomato salad. Delicious.


We have always enjoyed brunch here. The waffle with crème fraîche and bananas is great, as are the blueberry buttermilk pancakes. They took the brisket and eggs dish off the menu, which is crazy because it was out of this world. However, you can’t go wrong with the baked eggs or the chilaquiles.

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