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Lavender Lake review image

NYC Review

Lavender Lake

Lavender Lake could get away with being a just great bar with a large outdoor patio. However, it scores extra points from us for putting some care into curating a small but solid selection of bar snacks and entree sized plates.

My Cuban Spot review image

NYC Review

My Cuban Spot

My Cuban Spot is a takeout window in Gowanus that serves really good rice bowls and some of the best sandwiches in Brooklyn.

Claro review image

NYC Review


Claro is a great Oaxacan-inspired restaurant that’s even better when you’re sitting in the backyard.

F.O.B. review image

NYC Review


F.O.B. is a casual Filipino restaurant in Carroll Gardens with a big back patio.

Runner & Stone review image

NYC Review

Runner & Stone

Don't make the trek down to Gowanus just for Runner & Stone, but if you want a reliable meal in the neighborhood, go for it.