Where To Get Cocktails To Go In Seattle

Bars and restaurants in Seattle are permitted to serve pre-mixed cocktails now - here’s where to get some.

DIY cocktail kits have been a great thing as Seattle restaurants and bars remain open for takeout-only. But the best part about going out and drinking is not having to do any work at all to mix up your negroni or mai tai. Now that premade to-go cocktails are permitted, it’s a game-changer. If you don’t feel like buying giant bottles of liquor along with tubs of sour mix, we understand, and now you don’t have to. Head to one of these spots to pick up a takeout drink - no mixing required.

The Spots

Spinasse has joined forces with their sister bar Artusi to serve some bottled cocktails for takeout. They have stronger, spirit-forward drinks, like “Bed Times” (bourbon, amaro, bitters), as well as ones with a lower ABV, like “Coco's Cure For What Ails Ya” (coconut water, tequila, bergamot liqueur, lime) Check out their website for more information.

When Musang, a new (and very excellent) Filipino restaurant on Beacon Hill, started serving their incredible food to-go, it was exciting. Now they’ve added their delicious cocktails to the mix. Options include the “Lima,” a creamy, coconutty pandan drink spiked with vodka, and the “Dalawa,” a lemony apple shrub with Hennessy. Head to Musang’s Instagram for more information.

We love Ciudad’s marinated grilled meats and flatbread, but we might love them even more for their beet and spicy carrot margaritas. They’re selling both food and cocktails to go, and you can get them by calling the restaurant in advance at 206-717-2984 - no walk-ups are allowed.

Supreme serves excellent pizza and garlic knots, but the spiked slushies, that come in flavors like creamsicle, jungle bird, and guava margarita, are the best part about this fun West Seattle bar. Quarts of their frozen cocktails, which will make five drinks, are $24 and available for walk-up ordering - you can find more information on Supreme’s Instagram.

What’s your favorite color? Ours is the color of Agua Verde’s prickly pear margarita (Pantone 18-2333). And right now, this Mexican spot is selling them along with other cocktails in mason jars to go. You can place your order here.

From Wednesday to Saturday, this excellent Sunset Hill bar is selling cocktails - you can phone in your takeout order in advance by calling them at 206-327-9408. There are 10 drinks to choose from, but we’re big fans of “The Ultimate Ninja,” which tastes like a blackberry Moscow mule but made with tequila and gin.

This cozy cocktail bar in Queen Anne has transformed into a taqueria, and they’re selling cocktails like Old Fashioneds, margaritas, and gin and tonics. Call them at 206-285-2830 to order.

Along with some delicious chicken and waffles, you can also get a hurricane or one of Fat’s other cocktails to go. Alcohol is not available for delivery, so call the restaurant at 206-602-6823 to place your pick-up order.

Rose Temple is a very fun bar on Capitol Hill that we look forward to hanging out inside one day in the future. But until then, they’re serving alcoholic slushies, well drinks, trash can cocktails, and blue raspberry jello shots with edible glitter from their takeout window along with some food options like Seattle dogs, shawarma, bar nuts, and cheese fries. Check their Instagram for more information.

If you’re in need of a margarita with some delicious Mexican food, Gracia has you covered. They’re offering a bunch of different flavors, like spicy or guava. Check out the full cocktail list on their website.

The cocktails at Lady Jaye are terrific - from the “Strawberry Manilow” with tequila and spicy strawberry syrup to the “Bourbon Crusta” with plenty of absinthe and lemon juice. All of these cocktails are available to go for anywhere between $25 and $35, and each serves three drinks. To place an order, visit their website

Union Saloon’s cocktails are available from Wednesday to Saturday from 5-8:30pm, and on Sunday from 5-8pm. Offerings will change periodically, but you can expect things like negronis or tequila drinks with orange juice and bitters. You can only order dinner on their online ordering platform, and will have to request cocktails once you pick up your order. Stay updated on their Instagram for the current drink menu.

This natural wine bar on Capitol Hill is selling a bunch of bottled drinks. Choose between a citrus cognac milk punch, a ruby port black tea milk punch, a clarified Bloody Mary, and a cocktail made from beets, vermouth, bourbon, and framboise. Stay updated on their Instagram.

If you live near Greenwood and you’re looking for a cheeseburger, some chicken strips, or even a breakfast burrito, you can find all those things on the menu at North Star Diner. They’re also offering some pre-mixed bottled cocktails on the side, like a carbonated vodka watermelon soda, a frozen mojito, and a drink made with aperol, rye, whiskey, and mint. Head to their website for more information.

The Doctor’s Office was the last bar that we visited before everything closed. The cocktails here are excellent, and right now they’re selling jarred classics, like martinis, vespers, Manhattans, and negronis. Check out their Instagram for more information.

One of the best summer activities in Seattle is to order a huge spread of tacos and kimchi fried rice while drinking lychee margaritas on Marination Ma Kai’s patio. We can’t do that now, but Marination is selling those margaritas to help jog our memories - as well as four other cocktails to go. You can find more information on their website.

Super Six is Marination Ma Kai’s sister spot, and they’re serving delicious strawberry lemon frosé in to-go cups. You can get them both for delivery and pickup by ordering here.

You could make a batch of sangria at home, but do you really want to spend an hour chopping up various fruits? Thankfully, El Grito is doing all of the work for you with their homemade dark cherry version. Grab a jar of that, or if it’s hot out, go with one of their margarita slushies. You can find out more information on their website.

Bottlehouse isn’t just somewhere you can get wine - they’re also offering bottled wine spritzers in flavors like elderflower citrus and blueberry agave, as well as their summer-only frosé cocktail. Give them a call at 206-708-7164 to place your order.

This excellent pizza spot in Ballard has a bunch of to-go-cocktail options. Whether you’re in the mood for planter’s punch or a Manhattan with your pie, that’s up to you - all of their cocktails cost $18, and they serve two to three people.

This pub on Capitol Hill makes excellent cocktails, including our favorite Old Fashioned in town. They’re selling a lineup of 13 different pre-mixed drinks for only $7 each - including that Old Fashioned - and you can order online here. They require a food purchase, but if you don’t want one of their larger entrees like burgers or fish and chips, they’re also selling hot dogs for a dollar.

This diner in Interbay recently started doing curbside pickup, and along with their pot pies, bar snacks, and bottles of natural wine, you can also buy to-go cocktails like gin martinis and peach piña coladas. And from Wednesday to Friday between 4-5pm, you can even get two cocktails for the price of one. Head to their website for more information.

Tamari Bar requires you to purchase food if you’re going to get a cocktail, but that’s hardly a bummer - the izakaya snacks, like pork buta dumplings and spicy chicken karaage, are excellent. Grab some of those, but don’t miss one of their 17 pre-mixed drinks, from the Toki whiskey highball to a yuzu gin slushie. To place your pickup order, click here.

Mamnoon has started serving takeout cocktails for two alongside their delicious Middle Eastern food. Their drinks vary, but you can expect everything from a negroni to bourbon sours sweetened with fig paste. Stay updated on their Instagram.

This deli in Maple Leaf sells all kinds of tasty meats, and along with a required meal purchase, you can choose between a few takeout cocktails that are all under $14. They have options like the “Pineapple Express” (lime, tequila, orgeat, pineapple liqueur, and hazy IPA) or “The Shambles Nut” (rye, meletti, amaretto, orange). You can learn more on their Instagram.

Don’t mistake The Maple for just another house on Roosevelt Way - it’s actually a great pub that serves delicious fish and chips and shepherd’s pie. They’re serving a bunch of cocktails too, from a beet margarita to a peach bourbon sweet tea - as well as classic drinks like Manhattans and Old Fashioned. You can place your pick-up order here.

In addition to tasty lumpia and Velveeta steak sandwiches, Jeepney is also doing cocktails, like a spiked calamansi ginger shrub. For their full to-go menu, check their Instagram.

You can now add on a bottled blood orange margarita to go with your tacos from Pablo Y Pablo in Wallingford. Call them at 206-973-3505 to place your order.

Rachel’s makes the best homemade soda in town, and the refreshing ginger beer tastes really good spiked with booze. RGB is now selling growlers of pre-mixed Moscow mules, mango margaritas, and guava mules that come in either 32 ounces (five cocktails) or 64 ounces (ten cocktails). You can head to their Instagram for more information.

Happy Hour is still happening at Oddfellows - on Thursday and Friday from 3-7pm, you can get $10 cocktail specials that are served in pouches with straws. Yes, just like Capri Sun, but specifically for adults. You can get anything from an aperol spritz to a martini, and all of them pair perfectly with charcuterie, fried artichokes, and other snacks on the menu.

Speaking of adult Capri Sun, this Eastlake sandwich spot is selling pouch drinks too - their cocktail is called “Lil Daqui” and it has rum, triple sec, homemade lime sour mix, and angostura bitters. Stay posted for updates on their Instagram.

Mammoth’s sister restaurant, Bitterroot BBQ, is serving cocktails in pouches as well - the two available are a “Puget Sound Punch” with vodka, lemon, passionfruit, ginger, and apricot, and a “Front Porch Lemonade” with bourbon, lemon, honey, and aperol. You can place an order for pickup or delivery on their website.

If you live in Woodinville, and need a break from the bottles you bought from your local winery, The Commons is offering three different drinks in mason jars. You can choose between one with white peach, vodka, and lemonade, a prickly pear margarita, or a grapefruit gin cocktail. One of those and a pile of their buttermilk-fried chicken tenders would make for a fantastic Saturday night.

Ben Paris has 10 signature to-go cocktails to choose from. Most of them are from their original menu, and range from $12 to $18 each, like the “Gum Wall,” which is a pink drink with bubblegum vodka, lemon, cherry, and falernum. You can learn more on their Instagram.

Cure is doing charcuterie boards and pre-mixed Old Fashioneds or negronis for pickup and delivery with no extra charge. You can place your order online on their website.

This great champagne bar in Ravenna already had an excellent selection of cocktail kits, but now they have some pre-mixed drinks in bottles ready to go. Choose between a Manhattan, vesper, negroni, last word, or an Old Fashioned. You can place a pickup order here.

We’re a huge fan of the very delicious and strong tequila drinks at Fogón, and now they’re available as single-serve cocktails to-go. From a classic paloma to a pineapple mezcal margarita, there are 16 different options to go with your tacos and fajitas here. Call the restaurant at 206-320-7777 to place an order.

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