Chuck's Hop Shop

Chuck’s Hop Shop is the ultimate come-and-go hangout HQ that’s a cross between a 7-11 and your friend’s makeshift garage lounge. It’s a convenience store that also has a great selection of brews on draught, an awesome patio, enough snacks to last you the whole night, and long tables to seat everyone you know. Hit up the daily-rotating food truck outside, or grab a sack of kettle chips, some gummy worms, and a pint of Full Tilt ice cream. Peruse the taps of great beers, local and otherwise, or choose a six-pack (or three) from the Mount Vesuvius of refrigerator cases on the back wall. The staff will pop the bottlecaps for you to drink in-house - so all you have to worry about is choosing between which friendship-ruining board game to play: Risk, or Settlers of Catan.

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