Ballard is a great neighborhood to grab an outdoor drink, but most of the spots on the main drag have their patios crammed on the sidewalk. Not Bar Sabine’s. They have an entire alleyway complete with a bunch of tables, space heaters in case the temperature drops, and a floral wall mural. The cocktails are complicated and well-balanced, featuring fun ingredients like sandalwood, rhubarb Aperol, pistachio, strawberry red wine foam, and glitter. Sit out here with some tasty Mediterranean mezze, like smoked eggplant dip with homemade spiced potato chips, and appreciate your drink’s perfectly square ice cubes and rim of togarashi salt. 

If you’d rather sit inside, good luck not wanting to sign a lease and live here. There are massive paintings and chandeliers juxtaposed with the occasional disco ball, and it matches the serious-yet-fun nature of the cocktails really well. It’s hard to choose a better spot for an energy-packed double date in the neighborhood.

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