Daphnes Bar

Between the phenomenal cocktails, friendly bartenders, and palpable big-night-out energy, we’ve never met a bar that we wanted to make “our bar” more than Daphnes in Edmonds. For a spot that seats around 15 people, there’s always something exciting happening here. On a Friday evening, it’s a cramped sardine tin party, with “Volare” blasting while couples who can’t fit inside drink negronis and dance on the sidewalk patio. On an otherwise-snoozy Monday, their L-shaped marble counter gets full fast.

Use it for a first date or catch-up with a friend, and come for textbook versions of coupe drinks like aviators and corpse reviver number twos, an Italian spritz, or just a platter of melted brie and baguette. That’s their only dish, and exactly what you wanted with that French 75 anyway.

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photo credit: Nate Watters

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