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Il Buco review image

NYC Review

Il Buco

Il Buco in Noho serves outstanding pasta, risotto, and steak in a setting that looks like a farmhouse in the Italian countryside.

The Ten Bells review image

NYC Review

The Ten Bells

The Ten Bells is a natural wine bar on the Lower East Side that serves some good small plates and $1 Happy Hour oysters every day.

La Vara review image

NYC Review

La Vara

La Vara is the best Spanish restaurant in Brooklyn, and possibly all of New York City.

Brooklyn Cider House review image

NYC Review

Brooklyn Cider House

Brooklyn Cider House is a bar, brewery, and prix-fixe restaurant in Bushwick that’s a great place to spend a night eating and drinking with a group.

Galicia Tapas review image

NYC Review

Galicia Tapas

Galicia Tapas is a Spanish restaurant in Inwood with a very solid wine list.

Cervo’s review image

NYC Review


Despite the wait times, we wholeheartedly recommend having a fun, seafood-dominated meal at Cervo’s on the Lower East Side.

Huertas review image

NYC Review


Huertas is a Spanish restaurant in the East Village that makes every group dinner easier.

Gato review image

NYC Review


Gato, Bobby Flay’s Mediterranean spot in Noho, isn’t quite as good as it was when it opened, but it’s still a useful option in certain situations.

Toro review image

NYC Review


Toro NYC is a bigger, louder, more party-time version of the Boston original. Hit it for the scene and a spoonful of uni, ham, and caviar.

Socarrat Nolita review image

NYC Review

Socarrat Nolita

At Socarrat Nolita, the only way you are having a comfortable meal sitting at the massive communal table is if you have the body frame of Beaker from The Muppets. Bring a bigger group so you can sit at a real table and enjoy your delicious paella in peace.

Bar Jamón review image

NYC Review

Bar Jamón

Bar Jamón is basically Casa Mono's waiting room. However, for that First/Early in the Game Date, where dinner feels too formal but you are also starving, Bar Jamón was designed for you.

Tia Pol review image

NYC Review

Tia Pol

Tia Pol is a Chelsea tapas spot that’s a great move for early-in-the-game dates. Have some sangria and some small plates.

Boqueria review image

NYC Review


The Flatiron location of this Spanish tapas chain has a casual space that’s good for groups.

Socarrat Paella Bar review image

NYC Review

Socarrat Paella Bar

No bigger than a subway car, Socarrat packs the majority of their patrons on bar stools and does paella like they do in Spain.

Casa Mono review image

NYC Review

Casa Mono

Casa Mono serves great tapas in a tiny space in Gramercy.

El Pingüino review image

NYC Review

El Pingüino

El Pingüino is a small Spanish seafood bar that’s great for a date or Happy Hour in Greenpoint.

Maracuja review image

NYC Review


Maracuja is a bar in Williamsburg with daily Happy Hour and a hidden back patio.

Spain Restaurant review image

NYC Review

Spain Restaurant

Spain is a bar and restaurant in the West Village where 80-year-old Spanish bartenders in red jackets serve you free tapas as long as you buy drinks.

Mercado Little Spain review image

NYC Review

Mercado Little Spain

Mercado Little Spain is a big Spanish food hall in Hudson Yards. It has a bunch of tapas kiosks, bars, and restaurants.

Mar review image

NYC Review


Mar serves very good seafood-focused Spanish dishes inside Mercado Little Spain in Hudson Yards.