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East Harlem Bottling Co. review image

NYC Review

East Harlem Bottling Co.

East Harlem Botting Co. is a neighborhood brunch and burger spot to hang out with friends, your kids, or a TV.

Bunny review image

NYC Review


Bunny is a family-owned Turkish and German restaurant in Bed-Stuy that you should remember for casual dates or catch-up dinners in the neighborhood.

Schaller & Weber review image

NYC Review

Schaller & Weber

Enjoy some beef wieners or a pastrami sandwich at Schaller & Weber at The Market Line on the Lower East Side.

Cafe D’Alsace review image

NYC Review

Cafe D’Alsace

Cafe D’Alsace is an Alsatian restaurant on the UES that’s good for a nice meal with your extended family or a drink at the bar.

Rolf’s German Restaurant review image

NYC Review

Rolf’s German Restaurant

Rolf’s serves a full menu of heavy German food, but it’s best known for its elaborate, year-round holiday decorations.

Cafe Katja review image

NYC Review

Cafe Katja

Cafe Katja feels like a European tavern, and it’s a good spot on the Lower East Side to get some wiener schnitzel and steins of beer.