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American in Flatiron

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Some things aren’t meant to go away. Your boss, for example, is probably never going to leave, so what you really need to do is start looking for a new job. Comodo (which formerly existed in Soho) did go away briefly, but it made a comeback in the Freehand Hotel in Flatiron. Unlike other hotel restaurants that seem like they only exist to serve out-of-town guests who can’t be bothered to step outside, this restaurant is a must-visit no matter what neighborhood, borough, or city you’re coming from.

Here, you’ll find items that are on many other American restaurant menus like salad, roasted chicken, and fish, but most dishes at Comodo incorporate at least one Latin component as well. The best starter is the plate of tall, juicy lamb patties between pão de queijo slider buns with a chipotle crema sauce. A close second, the wild mushroom al ajillo tacos with Oaxaca cheese are smoky and slightly spicy from habanero ash. You may think the tacos are missing some kind of sauce at first, but you’ll change your mind by the time you finish them.

If you’re considering the picanha with creamed spinach and farofa, don’t write it off as just another steak dish—a perfectly-cooked piece of sirloin isn’t as common as it should be. You should also get the supremely rich rigatoni with huge pieces of littleneck clams. (If you always think everything needs more butter, this is your dish.) Ordering a side of the house sourdough for dipping wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

The portion sizes at Comodo are perfect for two people, but for a group meal, you’ll probably end up ordering most of the items on the menu—and that’s a good thing. Tables in the dining room are well spaced, and the noise level is such that you won’t have to nod and pretend that you can actually hear what the person across from you is saying. That said, we suggest less talking and more eating.

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