If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if sourdough pies were fired up in a Neapolitan pizza oven, first off, let’s be friends. Second, that’s exactly what Lupo in Fremont is doing. The inferno inside the dome creates those leopard spots we know and love, but with a chewier texture and tang produced by the power of fermentation. If you’re a purist, it’s easy to enjoy their margherita topped with globs of Samish Bay mozzarella, or the cacio e pepe pie with plenty of cracked black pepper and the option to add pancetta. (Please exercise this option.) And even though Lupo only serves one type of pasta—a cream-splashed, tomato-sauced rigatoni with sausage—it's one of the greatest bowls of pasta in Seattle. Their homemade ice cream in flavors like salty chocolate chip or custardy vanilla is the best in town, and the perfect end to a meal here.

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