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Brouwer's Cafe

Bar Food in Fremont

    Perfect for
  • Birthdays
  • Day Drinking
  • Outdoor/Patio Situation

Entering Brouwer’s is like stepping into Medieval Times, but the bar is way better and you don’t have to eat a half-chicken with your hands, watch a jousting tournament, or spend even one minute in New Jersey. Also, everyone inside is aware that it’s the 21st century, so nobody will say things to you like “ye olde” and “what is Instagram?”.

But Brouwer’s does feel like a tavern, with stone walls and hanging lamps, and nobody cares how loud you’re shouting across the table. There’s never a wait, the scotch selection is great, and mostly every menu item (of Belgian/German persuasion - think sausage platters, burgers, and stews) involves their excellent pomme frites in some shape or form - even the meat and cheese board. Kick it here with your crew for a birthday, stay until last call, or pay the check early and keep on drinking at The Barrel Thief down the block.

Brouwer’s Cafe review image

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