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Salt District review image

SEA Review

Salt District

Salt District is an Italian restaurant from the team behind Elliot's Oyster House that's good for waterfront views and solid pasta.

Rione XIII review image

SEA Review

Rione XIII

Rione XIII is a great Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill that serves Roman-style pizza and pasta.

Via Rosa 11 review image

SEA Review

Via Rosa 11

Via Rosa 11 is an excellent Italian market and restaurant on Bainbridge Island that serves pasta and pizza.

Raccolto review image

SEA Review


Raccolto is a West Seattle Italian spot from the same people behind Contadino, and the pasta is almost as good. If you can’t get a seat, try the bar.

Due’ Cucina Italiana review image

SEA Review

Due’ Cucina Italiana

Due’ Cucina Italiana in Capitol Hill is a counter-service spot serving grain-based pasta.

Le Messe review image

SEA Review

Le Messe

Le Messe is an Italian spot in Eastlake that serves fresh pasta. Sit at the chef’s counter.

Salare review image

SEA Review


Salare is an American spot in Ravenna that works well for certain situations, but isn’t as good as its sister restaurant, Junebaby.

Esters Enoteca review image

SEA Review

Esters Enoteca

Esters is a counter-service Italian spot in Fremont that has a great Happy Hour.

Carrello review image

SEA Review


Carrello is a pricey but forgettable Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill that serves pasta as well as dim sum-style antipasti.

84 Yesler review image

SEA Review

84 Yesler

84 Yesler is an upscale restaurant in Pioneer Square that serves delicious homemade pasta, steaks, and seafood.

Ristorante Machiavelli review image

SEA Review

Ristorante Machiavelli

Machiavelli is an Italian restaurant on Capitol Hill that’s perfect for an affordable pasta-filled date night.

How To Cook A Wolf review image

SEA Review

How To Cook A Wolf

How To Cook A Wolf is an Italian restaurant in Queen Anne that serves great pasta.

Cuoco review image

SEA Review


Cuoco is an Italian restaurant in South Lake Union that serves great pasta.

G.H. Pasta Co. review image

SEA Review

G.H. Pasta Co.

G.H. Pasta Co. is an excellent Italian lunchtime spot that serves inexpensive bowls of delicious pasta.

Fiasco review image

SEA Review


Fiasco is an Italian restaurant in Wallingford that serves pizza and pasta.

Tavolàta Capitol Hill review image

SEA Review

Tavolàta Capitol Hill

Tavolàta is a nice Italian restaurant in Capitol Hill that serves fresh pasta.

Staple & Fancy Mercantile review image

SEA Review

Staple & Fancy Mercantile

Staple & Fancy Mercantile is an Italian restaurant in Ballard that serves a $60 tasting menu option.

Serafina review image

SEA Review


Serafina is a semi-upscale Italian restaurant in Eastlake.

Grappa review image

SEA Review


Grappa is a Mediterranean restaurant and wine bar in Queen Anne that serves seafood and pasta.

Agrodolce review image

SEA Review


Agrodolce is an upscale Italian spot in Fremont that makes some great pasta.