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Bizzarro Italian Cafe

Italian in Wallingford

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  • Birthdays
  • Kids

Bizzarro Italian Cafe is part circus horror movie set, part awesome checkerboard-tablecloth Italian joint. We were skeptical of the fact that there are more chandeliers than a Home Depot showroom, and that the menu has an entree called, “choose your own chicken adventure.” But the weird carnival props hanging from the ceiling paired with Bizzarro’s really solid handmade pastas just work. You’d never think that this amount of thought and care would go into classic Italian food when the inside is like a cough medicine dream sequence, which is what makes this place great. It’s perfect for weeknight dinners with a big group of friends who won’t mind the bicycle dangling above them or the creepy radio static that plays in the bathroom. A couple bottles of red and pappardelle with mushrooms and cream later and you have yourself a very happy evening.

Bizzarro Italian Cafe review image

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