The Seattle Restaurant Week Menus We Actually Think Are Worth It

Not all Seattle Restaurant Week menus are worth it. But these sound good.
The Seattle Restaurant Week Menus We Actually Think Are Worth It image

photo credit: Nate Watters

If the term “Seattle Restaurant Week” means nothing to you, we can help. For two weeks between October 22nd and November 4th, restaurants all over the city offer prix fixe lunch and dinner deals with price tags ranging anywhere from $20 to $65. What they offer is up to them. But whether or not it’s actually worth leaving the house for, well, that’s up to us. And while some spots might just use this as an excuse to upcharge you for low-value afterthoughts (a la Spirit Airlines), we've sorted through this year's list and are confident that some of these menus are promising. We’ll continue to update this guide as we find more ones we like. 


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University District

$$$$Perfect For:Gluten-Free OptionsWalk-InsCasual Weeknight Dinner
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The Deal: $35 Dinner, $50 Dinner (Daily)

This University Village sushi spot that's great in particular for gluten-free folks happens to serve the most valuable Seattle Restaurant Week menu we've encountered thus far, which is more than we expected from a mall restaurant—$35 for a five-course lunch and $50 for a six-course dinner. Both meals involve some pretty luxurious stuff, like wagyu and uni-topped nigiri, special rolls, king salmon crudo, and black sesame-flavored desserts.

The Deal: $35 Dinner, $50 Dinner (Daily)

Restaurant Week at this Eastern European bar in Wallingford has a different layout than the rest. What's typically the price for one person is actually for two people, so this is one of the most cost-effective specials of the bunch—especially considering that their pork pelmeni and potato vareniki are stupendous. For $50, the same menu applies, but you’ll also get two cocktails. Cross your fingers for lemon drops made with their beet-steeped vodka.

Editor's Note: You can find the Kwon family's Gofundme fundraiser here.

The Deal: $35 Lunch, $50 Dinner (Tuesday-Saturday)

Forget the fact that Aburiya Bento House is the best sushi spot to be participating in Seattle Restaurant Week. It's also one of the best sushi spots in town to begin with—so the discounted price is really just an added bonus. This Belltown Japanese spot knows how to torch some great seafood on a daily basis. They’ll serve some of their greatest hits, like ponzu-dressed tuna tataki and a nine-piece box of fresh and seared nigiri.



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The Deal: $50 Dinner (Sunday-Thursday)

This John Howie seafood-focused wallet-emptier in Bellevue understands Seattle Restaurant Week well. We did the math, and at Seastar, you’ll save upwards of $30 per person while still getting to order a meal that tastes like a really good plated dinner at a wedding—have at silky clam chowder followed by parmesan-crusted petrale sole with mashed potatoes followed by flourless chocolate cake.

The Deal: $20 Brunch, $35 dinner

El Moose in Ballard is one of the best brunch spots in the city, and we wouldn't even mind coughing up our firstborn let alone $20 for a Mexican meal here. The deal will get you their excellent chilaquiles and a horchata, which adds up to the same price it would be on the regular menu. The $35 dinner is a slightly better investment—pollo en mole with a margarita saves you around four dollars during SRW.

The Deal: $35 Dinner (Daily)

We love this Central District Vietnamese spot for its crispy caramelized prawns, vermicelli noodles in silky curry broth, and pastrami fried rice with chili jam. And we can say with confidence that their SRW situation is worth it. If you choose the spicy crab- and pork-stuffed wontons alongside five-spice duck confit, you already save a cool dollar, and then there's Vietnamese coffee crème brûlée involved afterward.

The Deal: $20 Lunch, $20 Dinner (Tuesday)

On Tuesdays only, at both their Capitol Hill and Ballard locations, you’ll find two dishes for $20 at Spice Waala—an order of their papdi chaat to start, and a butter chicken entree with rice. Sure, this is not the best financial deal we’ve ever seen, but it's Spice Waala, the same people that brought us stellar soft serve and a crispy aloo patty we won't shut up about. So, yeah, see you on Tuesday.

The Deal: $20/$35 Lunch, $50/$65 Dinner (Sunday-Friday)

While many restaurants use this week as an opportunity to offer a limited lineup full of random stuff that isn’t even on their regular menu, Toulouse Petit stands out. This Cajun-Creole restaurant in Queen Anne is offering multiple dessert options, more than just one or two little appetizer choices, and in some cases, five mains to choose from—making it the most extensive SRW menu we've seen. It's all worth it, if only for their barbecue shrimp and grits or fluffy beignets.

The Deal: $50/$65 Dinner (Daily)

If you set up a Venn diagram with the SRW menus from Autumn and Vendemmia, there would be a large overlap in the middle that involves rockfish, burrata, and tuna crudo. These two sister restaurants are running identically priced specials and have eerily similar three-course menus, but if you're closer to Phinney Ridge and enjoy refreshing amaro cocktails, Autumn is a no-brainer.

The Deal: $50/$65 Dinner (Daily)

Surprise—there’s crudo and rockfish here, too. But if you’re deciding between the General Harvest spots, Vendemmia works best for a lowkey dinner where you won't run into everyone you know who is also trying to get a discounted bowl of pasta and gem lettuce salad. 

The Deal: $50 Dinner (Daily)

Now, here’s a General Harvest Restaurant Week menu where you won’t find another basic crudo lurking in the starters section. Instead, have at crunchy arancini loaded with mushroomy hollandaise. There are also a few upgrades available if your idea of a thrill is a $7 focaccia-add on or subbing halibut for cod. 

The Deal: $35 Brunch, $35 Lunch, $35 Dinner (Daily)

Make a stop at this multinational cuisine-inspired Capitol Hill spot a priority—their $35 three-course menu features starters like Beirut-style hummus, or a Danish chicken and mushroom tart, followed by entree hits from their regular menu and a small shortbread or South African chocolate malva pudding.

photo credit: Nate Watters

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Cedars In University District


The Deal: $35 Lunch, $50 Dinner (Daily)

While some places only let you choose one item from an already short list, that’s not the case at this great Indian spot in the University District. During both lunch and dinner, you can choose one appetizer, one dessert, and two entrees. Finally, a Seattle Restaurant Week menu that has intentions of actually filling us up. We personally love their tandoori wings, vegetable samosas, and butter chicken, all of which are available.

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