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Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar

Seafood in Bellevue

    Perfect for
  • Corporate Cards
  • Date Night
  • Dinner with the Parents
  • Special Occasions

Much like The Rolling Stones, excessive student loan interest, and polystyrene foam, it is our firm belief that Seastar will be around until the end of time. This iconic restaurant has gone through a flashy renovation or two, but the menu of sushi and seafood dishes will forever be perfect for anniversary dinners, milestone birthdays, or a casual Tuesday dinner if you’re a tech millionaire. From their silky Dungeness crab bisque loaded with Madeira to ancho chili-rubbed steelhead with lime cream (or other entrees that cost upwards of $55), we can definitively say that it’s worth the potential sticker shock of filling the table.

Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar review image