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The Best Pizza In Seattle

The top 22 places for pizza in Seattle, according to us.

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22 Spots
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22 Spots
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Looking for pizza takeout and delivery during the coronavirus crisis? Check out our guide here.

Seattle is known for pizza just like it’s known for being the birthplace of John Requa, the screenwriter who wrote Bad Santa. But after conducting very scientific research (a.k.a. eating a lot of pizza around the city), we’re pleased to announce that Seattle does indeed have some excellent pizza - from floppy Neapolitans to New York-style pies with wacky but delicious topping combinations. Get your grater of parmesan ready for these 22 pizza spots. Maybe you’ll see local celebrity John Requa at one of them.


Via Rosa 11

$$$$ 11201 Sunrise Drive NE

The very best pizza in Seattle is, in fact, not in Seattle at all. You have to take a 25-minute ferry across the Puget Sound to get to Via Rosa 11, but we’d gladly make the trip to Bainbridge Island to eat the burrata and speck pie. The pizza from this little Italian market has everything going for it - the Neapolitan-style crust is crispy, chewy on the ends, and cracker-like in the middle, topped with dollops of burrata and bundles of smoked prosciutto. There’s a kick from red pepper flakes, freshness from some basil, and a drizzle of really good olive oil. This is the pizza that you’d gladly blow off a third date for.

Dino's Tomato Pie

$$$$ 1524 E Olive Way

When you’re looking for the best pizza within Seattle’s city limits, head to the Jersey-style pizza joint Dino’s Tomato Pie and order a Mr. Pink. This square-shaped pizza is topped with sweet vodka sauce, fresh mozzarella, ricotta cheese, and basil. The crust is thick and crunchy, and the whole bottom is so charred that it’s almost black in some parts, which (to be clear) is exactly how you want it. For a very happy night, stumble in and order a Mr. Pink with a blue Hawaiian slushie and a fistful of garlic knots.


PizzaItalian  in  Ballard
$$$$ 1415 NW 70th St

If someone zapped the round pizzas at Dino’s with a shrink ray, you would get the same pie from Delancey. This is the more formal spot owned by the same team. You’re here for the hot salami pie, which is covered with cured meat, onion, and a lot of cheese. The flavor is amazing, even though the toppings make the pizzas a little heavy, and you might have to eat it with a fork and knife.

South Town Pie

PizzaItalian  in  South Park
$$$$ 8611 14th Ave S

The pies at South Town can sound kind of crazy - like the chef might have hit Uncle Ike’s before he made the menu. They serve our favorite New York-style pies, and the topping combinations here range from classic cheese and basil to wild boar ragu, fried sage, and Funyuns. The stranger the pizzas sound, the better they are - particularly the pastrami pie with caramelized onions, pickles, an everything bagel-spiced crust, and creamy gruyere fondue.

Bar Del Corso

$$$$ 3057 Beacon Ave S

The pizzas at Bar Del Corso, the always-packed Beacon Hill restaurant, are so good you might think you were somehow transported to Southern Italy. The Neapolitan pizzas here are thoroughly charred with excellent toppings, our two favorites being the buffalo mozzarella margherita and their white pie with sausage and pickled peppers. There’s no need to choose between the two, though, just order both.

The Independent Pizzeria

$$$$ 4235 E Madison St

Whenever we want to eat a personal pizza chased with a tallboy, The Indie always hits the spot. Their incredible pies are thin, blistery, and have flawless cheese-to-sauce ratios. It’s also important to note that they make something that very few places (if any) do in Seattle: the clam pie. Their version is salty and creamy, and comes with a lemon wedge that brings it all together. Sure, every pizza here is wonderful, but make you sure you order the clam pie. You can go ahead and cancel that New England vacation afterwards.

Rione XIII

PizzaPastaItalian  in  Capitol Hill
$$$$ 401 15th Ave E

Ever since Bar Cotto (our original favorite place for pizza in Seattle) changed owners, we worried that we’d never eat their perfect pies again. Luckily, the same team also opened up Capitol Hill spot Rione XIII. They serve pizzas that remind us of the ones at Bar Cotto, only they’re Roman-style - which is kind of like a combination between New York-style and Neapolitan pizza. When you just got dumped or need a solo-pie-and-glass-of-wine-at-the-bar night, you’ll want to come here and order the margherita.

Slice Box Pizza

Pizza  in  SoDo
$$$$ 1727 1st Ave S

Much like Dunkin Donuts and fracking, super thick Sicilian square pizza isn’t really a thing here - except at Slice Box. It’s a little spot in SoDo where you have to eat in a quiet, carpeted room filled with posters advertising gardening supplies. But when it comes to the Sicilian pepperoni pizza, it’s so good we’d even eat it in a closet with the lights turned off. The crust is buttery, the cheese is stretchy, and the pepperoni edges are perfectly burnt (in a good way). They’ll even grate fresh parmesan over the top.

Ballard Pizza Co.

Pizza  in  Ballard
$$$$ 5107 Ballard Ave NW

The only thing that could compete with carbonara pasta is carbonara pizza. Ballard Pizza Company has a great version - it’s a sturdy, chewy New York slice topped with mozzarella, confit garlic, pancetta, parmesan, and eggs. Since they open on weekends at 11am, order a whole pie to share with your friends instead of going to brunch for your 2,000th lemon ricotta pancake.

Outsider Pizza

$$$$ 1660 S Lander St.

On the side of the road near the Beacon Hill light rail station is Outsider Pizza, a little pizza cart that operates rain or shine - even if two freak blizzards happen in the same month. All their delicious pies are made to order, baked in a mobile oven, and with toppings like ricotta, basil, and freshly-grated Pecorino. If you’re in a hurry and don’t mind having dinner out in the drizzling mist, this is the best pizza you’ll eat on a curb.

Windy City Pie

$$$$ 5918 Phinney Ave N

Nobody likes waiting, especially for pizza. But at Windy City Pie, a Chicago deep dish-style spot in Phinney Ridge, the long wait is part of the deal. In exchange for some money and 40 minutes of your time, you get a thick pie with caramelized edges, flavorful red sauce, and mozzarella cheese that flows like volcanic lava. We all know that bacon is great on pizza, but the candied bacon crumbles at Windy City Pie is the kind of topping you’d want on your popcorn at the movies. Skip cake on your birthday and come here instead.

Breezy Town Pizza

$$$$ 4864 Beacon Ave S

Breezy Town Pizza is another creatively-named, Chicago-style pizza spot from the people behind Windy City Pie. It’s located inside Clock-Out Lounge in North Beacon Hill, so it’s possible to eat your pan-style pie (much like Pequod’s in Chicago) and get some Monday night karaoke going. The pizza has a tangy sourdough crust, caramelized edges, Wisconsin brick cheese, and toppings like crispy pepperoni and Beecher’s cheddar curds. There are rotating slice specials, too, but order a whole pie for the best results.


$$$$ 236 Winslow Way E

Bainbridge Island knows their pizza, and Bruciato is no exception. Everything you’ll eat here, from the soft crust that’ll give you charcoal-dusted fingers to buffalo mozzarella that dissolves like butter, is outrageously good and well worth the ferry ride. Hopping a boat and doing a Bruciato and Via Rosa 11 double feature is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

Serious Pie

Pizza  in  Belltown
$$$$ 316 Virginia St

Someone you know in Seattle has probably complained about Serious Pie at some point. The oval-shaped pizzas here are small and pricey, but we think that their sausage and peppers pie is worth it. The tender-but-crispy crust is covered in soft fennel sausage, bell peppers, and a ton of shredded provolone, which is a nice change of pace from mozzarella. This is the pizza you’ll want to hoard to yourself while hissing like a mountain lion at anyone who tries to steal a slice.

Pizzeria Pulcinella

$$$$ 10003 Rainier Ave S

The Neapolitan pies at Pizzeria Pulcinella are already delicious, but ask them to cook your pizza well-done if you want to take it to the next level. That way, it chars up nicely, and doesn’t droop when you pile on toppings, like prosciutto and arugula or chicken and pesto. Make sure to also drizzle some of their chili oil on top of your pizza, which has just the right amount of heat. Think of these suggestions as pizza cheat codes - only you don’t have to press a bunch of buttons in a specific order to get some kickass pizza.

Central Pizza

$$$$ 2901 S Jackson St

For a reliable slice that gets even better the day after, go to Central. Aside from having one of the best caesar salads in town, their regular cheese pie is a solid contender for our favorite thin-crust option in the city. The bottom is crackery and the sauce has an ideal sprinkling of dried oregano. If you want to pop in somewhere fast with a group and just do slices for dinner, Central’s the way to go.


$$$$ 4521 California Ave SW

At a tiny bar in West Seattle, you can order a pizza called “The Ono.” Topped with fried chicken, kimchi, scallions, and American cheese, it doesn’t sound like a combination that would be any good. But it turns out that Kraft Singles are the best thing to happen to a traditional New York-style cheese pie. This odd combination somehow all works, and it’s the best pizza in the house, especially when chased with a creamsicle slushie. And, they give out free ranch on request. We promise that this pizzeria is not owned by a 9-year-old child.

The Masonry

AmericanPizza  in  Fremont
$$$$ 730 N 34th St

When it comes time to plan a pizza party, look no further than The Masonry - not just because it’s easy to secure a huge picnic table in their fun space, but because their pies are always really good. We love all their pizzas, like the garlicky margherita and the al diavolo topped with soppressata and hot honey, but our favorite is the crimini mushroom pie with thyme, taleggio, and olive oil. Even though it doesn’t have a sauce, the cheese is so melty it kind of acts like one. Adding pancetta is “optional,” but this pizza greatly benefits from some smoky pork. But so does everything in life.

Bambinos Pizzeria

Pizza  in  Belltown
$$$$ 401 Cedar St

Bambino’s wins the award for the best Seattle pizza that your friends probably aren’t talking about - it’s a sleepy spot even though it’s located on a busy Belltown corner. You might notice on the menu that you need to specify if you want your crust to be “light,” because they’re very serious about charring the bottom of each pie. Do not request this light option - go dark. The result is excellent, especially in the form of a margherita with buffalo mozzarella so creamy it turns the sauce pink.

Post Alley Pizza

Pizza  in  Downtown
$$$$ 1123 Post Ave

Despite the name of this slice joint, Post Alley Pizza is not located in the market - so don’t go looking for it along the wall of other people’s regurgitated gum. This spot works really well if you’re downtown and in need of a quick lunch slice you can trust. What’s even more exciting is that this place offers granulated garlic to shake on your slice - a necessity that we haven’t been able to find at any other pizza place in town.

Petoskey's Pizza

AmericanBar FoodPizza  in  Fremont
$$$$ 125 N 36th St

Minnesota-style pizza is a real thing. It’s wood-fired, round, and cut in a grid shape instead of triangles. Geometry aside, these Midwestern-inspired pies at Petoskey’s are great - especially the one topped with mac and cheese. It sounds like a cheesy gimmick, literally, but the paper-thin crust topped with marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni bits, and saucy pasta shells just works. You won’t want to share this one, even though halfway through, you’ll probably have to.

Humble Pie

$$$$ 525 Rainier Ave S

There’s no such thing as “Seattle-style” pizza, but if there were, it would be Humble Pie. That’s because the whole space is on a little gravel patch complete with an urban garden and a chicken coop, and the wood-fired pizzas all contain local or homemade ingredients - you’ll probably hear the clucking hen whose egg was cracked onto your arugula pie. Grab a picnic table, can of beer, order the “Whole Hog” (topped with pulled pork, prosciutto, and bacon), and contemplate buying a Patagonia half-zip.

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