Meet Korean BBQ

Going out for Korean BBQ is a great group-dinner move - there’s nothing like bonding over communal meat-grilling and laughing at your friends whose glasses won’t stop fogging up from all the steam. At Meet Korean BBQ, the servers are the ones doing the cooking, but it’s still an extremely fun experience. You get to choose from a bunch of different cuts of prime beef and kurobuta pork, like wagyu brisket, honey skirt steak, and shaved gochujang pork belly. It’s all delicious, especially with the various pickled accompaniments (sesame oil, flaky salt, beancurd sauce, kimchi, and more). The marinated meats are definitely the clear winners, so be sure to order some of those, as well as spicy chili-caramel chicken wings and a watermelon soju cocktail to start.

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