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The Best Late-Night Restaurants In Seattle

Where to go when you’re hungry after 11pm.

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27 Spots
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Maybe your first dinner tonight was at a restaurant that took the term “small plates” too literally - you only got three quarters of a croquette, and you’re still starving. Maybe you had a few too many beers while watching the game, so you want to soak up all that alcohol with something fried. Or maybe you’re bitter that those Google engineers won at trivia night and you need to complain about them over a second dinner. Luckily, Seattle has some excellent late-night options for any of these situations, from full sit-down meals to substantial bar snack situations. These are our favorites.


Toulouse Petit

$$$$ 601 Queen Anne Ave N

Open until 2am

If you work at a job where your shift ends super late, like as a broadcast journalist, or as Spiderman, it can be hard to find anything to eat other than something from the freezer section at a 24-hour QFC. Toulouse Petit is there for you when you actually want a full meal, and is open until 2am every night. The food here is New Orleans-style, so you’ll see delicious things like beignets with coffee glaze, shrimp and grits, and gumbo. Just remember to change out of your Spiderman outfit first unless you want to spend your entire dinner signing autographs.


$$$$ 1535 14th Ave

Open until 12am Sunday-Thursday, 1am Friday-Saturday

You watched the movie Chef, and now you have a late-night hankering to casually whip up some linguine aglio e olio for your significant other. If you tried that but your linguine ended up looking like a block of kugel, head to Artusi. You can order hot bowls of cavatelli with bacon and sage or fava bean risotto, and it’s some of the best Italian food to eat after 11pm - even if Scarlett Johansson won’t be there to enjoy it with you.

Bangrak Market

Thai  in  Belltown
$$$$ 2319 2nd Ave

Open until 12am Sunday-Thursday, 2am Friday-Saturday

This Belltown spot is named after one of the most popular night markets in Bangkok - and the restaurant kind of feels like a late-night party. While sipping from a rum-spiked Thai iced tea, take a second to look up at the woven baskets, colorful beams, little packages of spices, nuts, and other food products hanging from the ceiling and various beams around the bar. Speaking of food, make sure you order the grilled pork skewers, fresh rolls, and mussamun curry with potatoes and peanuts.

Bait Shop

$$$$ 606 Broadway E

Open until 2am

Bait Shop has the greatest french fries in the entire city. And after a couple of hours here playing Uno and drinking painkiller slushies or mules on tap, you’re going to want a lot of them. Make sure to dip them in the homemade tartar sauce, and also consider ordering the excellent fish sandwiches and baja tacos.

Chi Mac

$$$$ 4525 University Way NE

Open until 11:30pm Monday-Wednesday, 1:30am Thursday-Sunday

When you’ve spent a night out drinking, you might feel impervious to spice-related pain. Use this false invincibility to your advantage by popping into Chi Mac for some spicy Korean fried chicken wings and sandwiches. And if you want to keep the party going, you can order a frozen tower that involves an entire bottle of soju mixed with beer.


$$$$ 4521 California Ave SW

Open until 2am

We may not be internationally renowned for our Italian food here in the PNW, but pizza is still a late-night staple in this city. And if you’d rather just go straight to sleep than wait in line for a slice at Big Mario’s, Supreme is the funky bar/pizzeria hybrid you need to know about. It’s a serious contender for best New York-style pizza around, with crispy-crusted pies and classic toppings as well as more interesting combinations, like fried chicken and kimchi with American cheese (trust us, it’s great). Get the scallion garlic knots with cheese sauce, too, to go with your frozen spiked creamsicle cocktails.

North Star Diner & Shanghai Room

AmericanDiner  in  Greenwood
$$$$ 8700 Greenwood Ave N

Open 24 hours

North Star Diner & Shanghai Room is Seattle’s coolest diner, no matter what time of day you’re here. There are gold glitter booths and a full wall dedicated to framed portraits of astronauts, it’s open 24 hours, and their breakfast food - like eggs benedict over corned beef and crispy hash browns with rye toast - is fantastic. It’s the perfect place to come when you’re done channeling Celine Dion at the karaoke bar next door, which is owned by the same people.

Aladdin Gyro-Cery

$$$$ 4139 University Way NE

Open until 2:30am Sunday-Thursday, 3:30am Friday-Saturday

If you want an excellent gyro or plate of falafel, and don’t mind being surrounded by college guys who just came from Jake’s house party (we heard there were two kegs and that the volleyball team showed up), go to Aladdin Gyro-Cery in the University District. The feta fries are great too - and you might see a sophomore in the corner alone eating them with a spoon.

Li'l Woody's

$$$$ 1211 Pine St

Open until 11pm Monday-Thursday, 3am Friday-Saturday

On the weekends, Li’l Woody’s is open until a practically rude hour of the night, which means great fast-casual cheeseburgers, fried chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, and fries are quite attainable when you can’t decide between picking up a hot meal or passing out in front of your laptop with a box of Froot Loops that expired last year. Always add the rooster mayo to your burger, and the queso to your fries.

New Luck Toy

$$$$ 5905 California Ave SW

Open until 2am

You could eat that lo mein that’s been in your fridge so long it should basically pay rent, or you could go to New Luck Toy for some of the city’s best Chinese food in an over-the-top and completely fun environment. Come with a group of friends and get some platters of shrimp and pork fat dumplings, General Tso’s chicken, and salt-and-pepper spare ribs with sticky five spice dip. Skeeball and karaoke are optional, but very much encouraged.


$$$$ 1519 14th Ave Seattle

Open until 10pm Sunday-Wednesday, 11pm Thursday, 12am Friday-Saturday

Nue serves street food from countries around the world, including South Africa, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, and Myanmar. The result is an incredibly diverse lineup of delicious dishes like bacon-infused mofongo (Puerto Rican fried plantains), Balinese spare ribs, and chili fish sauce wings that are covered in basil shreds and arranged vertically to tower over the table like an evergreen tree. And even if you just want five pieces of pineapple coconut cornbread to soak up whatever alcohol you’ve had that night, you’ll be happy.

Monster Dogs

$$$$ E Pike St.

Open until 2:30am

Take a deep breath - you can do this. By “this,” we mean brave the anarchic apocalypse that is Capitol Hill after midnight. It’s worth it for Monster Dogs, a hot dog cart that sets up shop right outside of Neumos and always draws a massive crowd. Weave your way through all the people, hop over that guy who just face-planted on the crosswalk, and get yourself a Polish link Seattle dog with cream cheese, jalapeño, and grilled onions on a toasted bun. Seattleites, this is your badge of honor.

Sal Y Limon

$$$$ 10 Mercer St

Open until 1am Friday and Saturday, 11pm Tuesday-Thursday, 10pm Sunday-Monday

Sal Y Limon is the Mexican restaurant that has thought of everything you want in a casual late-night spot. If you’re only ordering a club soda, they’ll make it the most exciting lime juice-infused club soda you’ve ever had. With a margarita, you also get the shaker with the rest of the drink that was left behind (which yields an entire second cocktail). The $7 half-order of nachos on the late-night Happy Hour menu is like a triple order in reality. Whether you just forgot to eat dinner until 10:30pm or need some tacos in the middle of a Queen Anne bar crawl, Sal Y Limon has you covered.

Damn the Weather

$$$$ 116 1st Ave S

Open until 11pm Sunday-Thursday, 1am Friday-Saturday

Come to this appropriately named cocktail bar to escape the rain, but stay for the delicious food that goes way beyond traditional pub snacks. Since they stay open so late, you’ll have plenty of time to figure out what pairs best with your Old Fashioned: oysters, burgers, blistered shishito peppers, or even a nice piece of fish. Just know that if you skip the chicken fat fries with fennel dust and aioli, you might as well not have come at all.

Rancho Bravo Tacos

$$$$ 1001 E Pine St

Open until 12am Wednesday-Thursday, 3am Friday-Sunday

This used to be a run-down KFC, and a renovation didn’t add much, ambience-wise. But these days, they’re making authentic Mexican food, not fried chicken, and you’re here for spicy pork tacos, a burrito, or the greatest addition to a hungry and/or drunk person’s diet yet: the maizadilla, a.k.a. melted cheese and chicken and joy, pressed between two corn tortillas and covered in chipotle cream. If the idea of eating tacos around a couple dozen drunk zombies isn’t your thing, they also have a drive-thru window.

Brouwer's Cafe

Bar Food  in  Fremont
$$$$ 400 N 35th St

Open until 12am Sunday-Thursday, 2am Friday-Saturday

It’s scientifically proven that homemade pretzels with beer cheese and pommes frites taste better eaten late at night. The beer selection here is great, but so is the food, which ranges from the aforementioned frites - get as many sides of bourbon dragon sauce for dipping as possible - to steamed mussels and Belgian beef stew. The fact that it feels like a castle dungeon in here just makes it that much more interesting.

Dino's Tomato Pie

$$$$ 1524 E Olive Way

Open until 2am

Maybe your East Coast friends are in town for a wild night out, and have started to complain about how they can never find New Haven-style pizza on the West Coast. Head to Dino’s Tomato Pie for chewy, crispy-crusted pies that will restore your faith in the Seattle pizza universe (the rectangular grandma pies are also fantastic). A couple of on-tap Long Island Iced Teas and a few dozen backhanded compliments later, you might just believe that you’re actually back on the other side of the country.

Macleod's Fish & Chips

Bar FoodBritish  in  Ballard
$$$$ 5200 Ballard Ave NW

Open until 10pm Sunday-Thursday, 12am Friday-Saturday

Weather-wise, Seattle is already pretty similar to the UK. McLeod’s Fish & Chips will take you one step closer to pretending you’re there instead of here. Like any good neighborhood pub, it’s great for a solo meal, and not only do they have great Scotch cocktails, but their fish and chips - with a puffy beer batter and thick-cut french fries - are also excellent.

Foreign National

$$$$ 300 E Pike St Ste 1200

Open until 1am

You spent all night pretending to be productive at work, and now it’s time for a cocktail and some food that’s more interesting than french fries. Try Foreign National, a dark, psychedelic-looking bar with great tropical cocktails and Asian-fusion bar snacks. Don’t miss the cheeseburger bao, which tastes like the love child of a Big Mac and a Chinese bun. The kitchen is only open until 11, so get in just beforehand to order, then hang out until 1am.


$$$$ 209 1st Ave S

Open until 12am Tuesday-Thursday, 2am Friday-Saturday

Altstadt is a German biergarten that doesn’t feel like a glorified fraternity party. It’s a nice, relaxing space for a Berliner Weisse made with house raspberry syrup (this sounds like a beer frappuccino creation, but it’s actually good), plus a late-night meal of soft pretzels, spaetzle mac and cheese, schnitzel, and brats. If things escalate to liter boots of lager, at least you’ll be well fed.


$$$$ 410 Broadway E

Open until 1am Sunday-Thursday, 2am Friday-Saturday

Witness has the best chicken and waffles in Seattle, along with some other high-quality Southern bar food, like hush puppies and pimento cheese poutine. And your odds of getting a table here are way better late at night than they are at brunch, when it’s always mobbed.

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya

$$$$ 320 E Pine St

Open until 9:30pm Sunday-Thursday, 1am Friday-Saturday

You took the wrong coat with you when you left the house this morning, and now, even though you’ve only been in the rain for three minutes, it looks like you just took a shower. Time for something comforting. This isn’t Seattle’s best ramen, but when you need to sprawl in a booth with a big bowl of steaming broth and some gyoza at midnight on a Friday, it’s here for you. You’ll still have to deal with the rain when you leave, but at least for the time being, you’ll have a stomach full of warm things.

Ba Bar

$$$$ 550 12th Ave

Open until 2am Sunday-Thursday, 4am Friday-Saturday

This is not the place to come for a quiet late-night meal - it’s definitely a partytime spot. On weekends, it’s also one of the latest-closing restaurants in the entire city. Start with the crispy imperial rolls before getting into the Vietnamese noodle soups, shrimp vermicelli bowl, rotisserie chicken with broken rice, or beer-steamed clams. You can’t order from the full menu late at night, but that’s the price you pay for deciding to eat dinner at 3 in the morning.

Bitterroot BBQ

BBQ  in  Ballard
$$$$ 5239 Ballard Ave NW

Open until 2am

When you want some low-key, high-quality BBQ at 1am, go to Bitterroot. Keep it simple with a sandwich on a pretzel roll or a smoked brisket plate with jalapeno hush puppies and collards, or say f*ck it and go for a bowl of mac and cheese topped with hot links and pulled pork.

Quinn's Pub

$$$$ 1001 E Pike St

Open until 12am Sunday-Thursday, 2am Friday-Saturday

The Quinn’s burger is one of the best in Seattle. It’s topped with cheddar, horseradish mayo, and bacon, and comes with a pile of crunchy fries. Order this burger and a glass of sparkling wine at 1am on a Saturday while the rest of your friends are still in line for a mediocre slice at Sizzle Pie.

Star Brass Lounge

$$$$ 5809 Airport Way S

Open until 12am Sunday, 2am Monday-Saturday

Star Brass Lounge is a dive bar with surprisingly great food. And like any good dive bar, it’s open late most days of the week. Get the tavern burger, fried cod bites, or the housemade pretzel plate with beer cheese, grilled brat, and apples. Since this place is in Georgetown, it tends not to get too crowded - so when you want peace, quiet, beer, and a burger, check it out.

Via Tribunali

$$$$ 913 E Pike St

Open until 2am

We’ve already covered the casual pizza options, but if you want something a little classier in the wee hours, come here. Sit in the cathedral-like darkness under ornate chandeliers, get some charred Neapolitan pies, caesar salads, and glasses of prosecco, and say a quick prayer of thanks for your delicious late-night meal.

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