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Aladdin Gyro-Cery review image

SEA Review

Aladdin Gyro-Cery

Aladdin Gyro-Cery is a Mediterranean spot in the University District that serves delicious falafel and gyros.

Garlic Crush review image

SEA Review

Garlic Crush

We’d cross the bridge for the Mediterranean food from Garlic Crush in Bellevue.

Mykonos Grill review image

SEA Review

Mykonos Grill

Mykonos Grill is an excellent Greek restaurant in Green Lake that serves classics like gyros and falafel.

Nikos Gyros review image

SEA Review

Nikos Gyros

Nikos Gyros is a Greek restaurant in Beacon Hill that serves a particularly great chicken lemon soup.

Zig Zag Cafe review image

SEA Review

Zig Zag Cafe

Zig Zag Cafe is a cocktail bar and restaurant Downtown that serves excellent Greek food.

Ellenos Greek Yogurt Pike Place review image

SEA Review

Ellenos Greek Yogurt Pike Place

Ellenos Greek Yogurt is a Downtown staple that serves delicious Greek yogurt at a stand in Pike Place Market.

Ellenos Greek Yogurt review image

SEA Review

Ellenos Greek Yogurt

Get Ellenos’ famous Greek yogurt scooped like ice cream at their shop in Georgetown.