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Where To Get Affordable Takeout In NYC

38 spots delivering great food for around $20 right now.

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It’s happened to all of us. Maybe you just had a Big Night In, or maybe you just checked your bank account. Now you’re trying to decide between a can of beans or a bowl of cereal for dinner. Fortunately, there are places where you can order delivery or takeout, eat more than a side of french fries, actually enjoy it, and spend around $20. Here are 38 great options.

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Kate Previte

BK Jani

$$$$ 679 Grand Street

You can’t argue with facts. And while most of them seem scary, here’s one that should make your day. One of the very best burgers in NYC is available for delivery and takeout right now. It’s got a thick patty covered in spicy mint chutney and it costs less than $15. Get it from BK Jani - a Pakistani spot in Bushwick that also serves a bunch of other grilled meats like kababs and lamb chops.

Naruto Ramen

$$$$ 1596 3rd Ave

Maybe it’s cold outside, or maybe you’ve finally realized that you should have left microwavable cups of noodles in grade school along with temper tantrums and sticking your tongue out in photos - or maybe it’s both. There are a lot of reasons you might be craving ramen, and if you’re on the Upper East Side, Naruto is a good place to order big portions of it for less than $20.

Noah Devereaux


$$$$ 435 Halsey St

Usually, we’d be spending this time of year eating Neapolitan-style pizza on the back patio at this Bed-Stuy restaurant/bakery. But the world is a strange place right now, so we’re embracing the idea of doing the same thing in front of a big window while playing an audio clip of restaurant background noise on full blast. And since Saraghina’s takeout menu still has great cocktails, pints of gelato, and DIY pizza kits for $10, we’ll probably stock up and keep the party going all weekend.

Kate Previte


Japanese  in  Nolita
$$$$ 37 Kenmare St.

Cocoron’s soba has made us feel safe and loved for many years - and they’ve recently started offering takeout and delivery completely operated by their restaurant staff. In addition to mera mera soba, Cocoron is selling packaged broth, curry, and noodles that cost anywhere from $11 to $16. To place your order, you can call or text 212-226-1262 or DM them on Instagram between noon and 7:30pm.

Ali's Trinidad Roti Shop

$$$$ 1267 Fulton St

A roti is a flatbread, and at Ali’s you can have several wrapped around your choice of meat for less than $10. Chicken, goat, oxtail, beef - there are a lot of options. And if you want something smaller, get some doubles. They’re a Trinidadian specialty, and they’re essentially little chickpea sandwiches (with tamarind sauce). Order them spicy and expect to get your hands dirty.

Noah Devereaux

Calabria Pork Store

SandwichesDeli  in  Bronx
$$$$ 2338 Arthur Ave

The unicorns at The Cloisters and the Campbell’s soup cans at MoMA are impressive, but they don’t hold a candle to the hot soppressata at Calabria Pork Store. Sausages cover the entire ceiling of this Arthur Avenue meat shop in the Bronx, and while it looks like an exhibition, you’re allowed to touch the art here. Get the massive, delicious $8 prosciutto sandwich, and a few different types of sausage to-go.

Noah Devereaux


$$$$ 82 6th Ave

If grilled chicken is your thing, you can get a half or whole bird (with a variety of homemade sauces) from Purbird for less than $30. And you can also get it with a variety of sides, which are maybe even better than the chicken itself - particularly the mac and cheese, which is a top contender for our favorite in the city. Park Slope, this place is an ideal neighborhood restaurant for the average weeknight dinner at home and if you haven’t already taken advantage of it, now’s the time to start.

Noah Devereaux

John's Fried Chicken

$$$$ 512 W 207th St

Ordering a foil to-go box full of fried chicken and french fries might just be the kindest gift you can give yourself right now. And if you’re near the Inwood location of John’s Fried Chicken, that means your crispy gift will come coated in a vinegar-based batter that’ll make every other fried chicken combo in your life seem forgettable. Not all heroes wear capes - some of them wear clear plastic domes and cost around $12 for 12 pieces.

Noah Devereaux


$$$$ 139 Putnam ave

From 4 to 9pm daily, you can pick up a spicy margarita, flight of mezcal, or a frozen cocktail that’ll make you ponder the concept of summer from the takeout window at Calaca in Bed-Stuy. And once you’ve decided what to drink, check out their Instagram for an updated list of the food they’re offering right now. From tacos made with excellent tortillas to quesadillas with fillings like braised shrimp and slow-roasted pork, there’s a good chance this neighborhood spot will have something affordable and impressive you won’t want to pass up.



American  in  Harlem
$$$$ 109 Malcolm X Blvd

Field Trip makes things incredibly simple. Just order a bowl of their food, then eat it. This Harlem spot specializes in rice bowls with everything from brisket and chicken to shrimp and salmon, and nothing costs more than $15. As an added bonus, you can easily balance one of these bowls on your lap while you watch TV with your roommate, your cat, or your roommate’s cat.

Russo's Mozzarella & Pasta

$$$$ 312 5th Ave

This old-school Italian deli is the kind of place that makes you want to stop what you’re doing and make some pasta immediately. And since you’ve got nothing but time, you should do just that with the fresh pasta, sauces, and cheeses that Russo’s has available for takeout right now. Don’t forget to also grab one of their excellent Italian deli sandwiches - get any that involve the fresh mozzarella and you’ll be happy.

Noah Devereaux

Peppa's Jerk Chicken

$$$$ 738 Flatbush Ave

For $7, you can get a few rolls of paper towels, an extra-large cappuccino, or a one-month subscription to the Disney Vault. Or you can go to Peppa’s and get a small portion of jerk chicken (which would be considered large by most standards). The chicken comes out charred and smoky, and for a few dollars more you can make it a full meal with some sides like rice and plantains.

East Wind Snack Shop

$$$$ 471 16th St

East Wind is known for its plump, excellent dumplings. And, if you’ve never tried them, you can now do so in your pajamas at home. Most things on the menu cost less than $10 so you might as well throw in a few pork belly buns, shrimp dumplings, and a Hong Kong hot cake. Their Carroll Gardens and Windsor Terrace locations are both open for takeout and delivery starting at noon. Go online to place your delivery order or call 347-889-5717 for Carroll Gardens and 929-295-0188 for Windsor Terrace.

Noah Devereaux

Taqueria Diana

$$$$ 129 2nd Ave.

The next time you want to exchange $10 for a large amount of meat, cheese, and guacamole, order takeout from Taqueria Diana. Their Williamsburg and Midtown locations are open from 2pm to 9pm, Wednesday through Sunday. If you get a burrito, go for the al pastor with everything on it. And just in case you’re not within their delivery zone, there are more options in our Mexican Delivery guide.

Noah Devereaux

Lovely Day

Thai  in  Nolita
$$$$ 196 Elizabeth St

This Thai spot in Nolita has everything from edamame and miso soup to seared salmon and flank steak with mashed potatoes on its takeout menu. And nothing costs more than $20. Call 212-925-3310 or go online to place your pick up or delivery order. It might be helpful to know that they’re offering wine, beer, and sake for delivery, too.

Teddy Wolff


$$$$ 325 Kent Ave

If you’re near Domino Park in Williamsburg and looking for comfort food that won’t cost more than your new houseplant, Mekelburg’s Domino is your spot. Its got all the produce, meats, and cheeses you need to fill your fridge, plus plenty of ready-made options like a hot chicken sandwich and a baked potato topped with creme fraiche, smoked cod, and caviar (both of which cost less than $15.) Plus, their beer program is reason enough to order takeout on its own.

Teddy Wolff

Golden Diner

$$$$ 123 Madison St

Some good news for everyone in Lower Manhattan who easily falls prey to nostalgia, Golden Diner is now serving a rotating “Happy Meal.” Each one costs $7, and changes every few days (so far, they’ve done spicy dan dan noodles and tempura-baked cod with garlic fried rice and broccoli). The Happy Meals are only available for pick-up, so call 917-472-7800 to schedule yours. In case you want other options, this LES spot’s regular menu is also available for delivery.


$$$$ 30 E 13th St

Maybe you’ve gotten so bored that you’ve started aimlessly signing up for things. And as a result, someone left four kittens at your doorstep this morning. So now you have a houseful of kittens to take care of, but very little money to do it with. Order takeout from Taboonette for dinner. It’s a Mediterranean spot near Union Square where you can get a big portion of some very good chicken shawarma or salmon over brown rice for around $15.


$$$$ 820 10th Ave

Everything at this Peruvian spot comes in large portions at pretty affordable prices, including things like ceviche and a whole rotisserie chicken with french fries, fried plantains, rice and beans, and salad that will easily feed five adults. You can place your delivery or pick-up order online.

Kate Previte


$$$$ 151 E Broadway

There’s a lot to love about the Malaysian dishes on the menu at this LES spot, like that fact that the sugar-coated french toast is served until 3pm or how small dried fish add texture to their pan mee noodle soup. But, for the purposes of this guide, we’ll just call out that nothing costs more than $15 and you can order takeout every day except Wednesday.

Noah Devereaux

Bombay’s is one of our favorite casual lunch options in FiDi. They offer a delivery special that’s $16 for an appetizer and entree, like crispy samosas and spicy rogan josh with tender lamb. It also comes with buttery naan that’s ideal for soaking up the pool of sauces in most of the entrees here. It’s one of the great Indian delivery options in Manhattan.


$$$$ 1280 5th Ave

If we had a guide to The Best Places For A One-bowl Meal In NYC, Teranga would top the list. This uptown spot makes affordable West African-inspired grain bowls, and while we’re partial to their joloff bowl with salmon and black eyed peas, you can always just mix and match ingredients to make whatever you want. Just be sure to get the fried plantains.

Noah Devereaux

12 Chairs

$$$$ 56 Macdougal St

Between all-day breakfast options like challah french toast and Middle Eastern dishes like hummus falafel, this Israeli restaurant has something for everyone. Plus, there isn’t a single item over $20 on 12 Chairs’ menu, so you may as well throw in a few pierogies for good measure.

Noah Devereaux

Pye Boat Noodle

Thai  in  Astoria
$$$$ 35-13 Broadway

Pye Boat Noodle in Astoria makes some excellent Thai food, and, unsurprisingly, we’re fans of their boat noodles. But if, for some reason, you don’t want a big bowl of warm noodles in a slightly sweet broth with pork rinds and meatballs, there are a bunch of other options like pad kee mao and fried wings as well. Plus, everything costs less than $15. Call 718-685-2329 or order online.

Noah Devereaux

Mama's Too

$$$$ 2750 Broadway

If you live near the Upper West Side, don’t overthink things. Order a pizza from Mama’s Too - preferably one covered in thick pepperoni cups or four kinds of cheese and cracked black pepper - their take on cacio e pepe. A whole pie will, admittedly, cost you around $30 (and feed a large family of squirrels), but for the first time ever, you can also order a half pie for less than $20. Just place your order directly from their website.

Saigon Social

$$$$ 172 Orchard St

After years of doing pop-ups around the city, Saigon Social officially has its own location on a sunny corner of the Lower East Side (formerly Mission Taqueria). They’re currently offering a takeout and delivery menu of affordable Vietnamese dishes, like a bowl of chicken pho, which has enough rich chicken broth, fresh cilantro, and spicy chilis to inspire you to stand up on your couch and do a power pose out of sheer adrenaline. Call 646-609-3202 or go online to place your order.

Patacon Pisao

$$$$ 85-22 Grand Ave

If you’ve never ordered from Patacon Pisao, take this opportunity to do so. Unsurprisingly, they specialize in patacones (sandwiches made with fried plantains instead of bread), and their cubano version is a pork-filled masterpiece that you can get delivered to your home. The Elmhurst and Inwood locations are both offering delivery and pick up right now, and if you’re looking for something other than a patacon, they also have arepas and cachapas.

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop

$$$$ 129 Rivington St

Maybe there’s a void in your life, and the only thing that will fill it is a big buffalo chicken sandwich. Order from Tiny’s on the Lower East Side. And if buffalo chicken isn’t your thing, go for the tuna melt, the BLT, or a big chicken caesar salad. Order delivery online or call 212-228-4919 for takeout.

Arepera Guacuco

$$$$ 44 Irving Ave.

Maybe you’re looking for something you can eat with one hand while you attempt to work from home with the other. Get an arepa stuffed with pernil or beer, cheese, and plantains from Arepera Guacuco. They have locations in Bushwick (347-305-3300) and Bed-Stuy (718-387-2300), all of the arepas are $10 or less, and you can call directly for delivery.


KoreanBBQ  in  Gowanus
$$$$ 328 Douglass St

Insa started serving $15 meals that come with rice, banchan, and other good stuff. These are only available for pick-up right now, and you can place your order by calling 718-855-2620. If you don’t live in Gowanus, they also have their full menu available for delivery.

Noah Devereaux

Pies 'n' Thighs

$$$$ 166 S 4th St.

Chances are, you want Pies ‘n’ Thighs right now. We know this, because we want Pies ‘n’ Thighs right now. A chicken biscuit sounds good, and we could also go for some fried chicken, cheese grits, and pecan pie. Order directly from this Williamsburg spot’s website or give them a call at 347-529-6090.

San Matteo Pizzeria e Cucina

$$$$ 1559 2nd Ave

If you don’t currently remember what a good Neapolitan tastes like, call San Matteo on the UES. In addition to pizza, they also serve pasta, salads, and magical pizza-dough sandwiches known as panuozzi. Order by phone at 212-861-2434 - and if you need some wine delivered, they have that too.


$$$$ 222 Waverly Pl.

When Taim delivers a falafel platter, they wrap the falafel and pita separate from the salad and hummus, keeping everything fresh and warm. And that’s exactly the sort of care and attention you need in your life right now. So order a big platter or just get a pita and a side of fries with saffron aioli. There are locations in Flatiron, Nolita, and FiDi, as well as the original in the West Village.

Noah Devereaux

The Uptown Garrison

$$$$ 821 West 181st street

You could feasibly order breakfast, lunch, and dinner from The Uptown Garrison in Washington Heights, since they’re serving their full all-day menu. (We were thinking maybe chicken and waffles for breakfast, a chopped salad for lunch, and a meatball melt for dinner.) Once you decide what you want, call 917-261-4680 or find them online.

Noah Devereaux

Best Pizza

$$$$ 33 Havemeyer St

Maybe you’ve already ordered pizza one or two times since you started living your entire life in the corner of your apartment with the most natural light. Do you really need more? If it’s from Best Pizza (or another spot on our Pizza Delivery guide), the answer isyes. Get one of their large white pies with sesame-seed covered crust, then throw in a second and store it in your freezer.

Miznon North

$$$$ 161 W 72nd St

You could certainly spend time brainstorming ways to recreate Miznon’s famous “run-over” potato at home without injuring an innocent wine bottle or rolling pin. You could also order from Miznon’s UWS location - they just started accepting delivery orders online.

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