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Kuih Cafe review image

NYC Review

Kuih Cafe

Kuih Cafe is open Friday through Sunday on the Lower East Side, and we encourage you to stop by for some kuih or a slice of durian cheesecake.

Nyonya review image

NYC Review


Nyonya is well known as one of the few real Malaysian restaurants in New York City, and it's excellent.

Laut review image

NYC Review


Laut is a casual Thai/Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant just off Union Square.

Little House Cafe review image

NYC Review

Little House Cafe

Little House Cafe is a little bakery in Elmhurst that also has an extensive menu with some very good Malaysian food.

Taste Good Malaysian Cuisine review image

NYC Review

Taste Good Malaysian Cuisine

Taste Good is a casual cash-only place in Elmhurst, and it’s one of our favorite spots in the neighborhood. Get the Singapore kari laksa.

Parlay review image

NYC Review


Parlay is a coffee shop in Sunset Park with beer, wine, and a full menu of things like a fried chicken sandwich and some extremely good curry.

West New Malaysia review image

NYC Review

West New Malaysia

West New Malaysia serves excellent Malaysian food in a casual space on Bowery.