Obviously, you know about Taïm. You’re a food-obsessed New Yorker with great taste in restaurants and websites about restaurants. How could you not know about Taïm?

Let’s, for a moment, pretend that you’re either new to this city because you moved here for a job or new to The Infatuation as a result of some kind of shrewd advertising campaign/online booby trap, and therefore we can pretend that you don’t already have Taïm on your list of all-time favorite falafels. Now we can write a review of this place and not feel like we’re preaching to the already converted.

Taïm is a legendary West Village falafel spot that pretty much everyone in this city has been obsessed with for a decade. As a matter of fact, this place has become so popular that they now have another location, a few offshoot restaurants, and a truck that roams the city. Why? Because a falafel sandwich at Taïm is the best thing that you can get in New York City for less than $10 and also theoretically eat every day without disastrous consequences. What else are you going to find in town that’s this tasty, this economical, and not absolutely f*cking lethal. Dirty water hot dogs? Yeah right. Dollar dumplings? Good luck with that. Five Guys? Better do some estate planning.

What we’re trying to tell you, fictional person who doesn’t already know and love this place, is that Taïm is a [perfect_for slug=“cheap-eats”]Cheap Eats[/perfect_for] dream. Oder a falafel sandwich or a sampler platter, find a seat at the counter or on the bench out front, and prepare to experience what the rest of the world already knows.

Are we done pretending now? Good. I need to get back to setting booby traps.

Food Rundown

Taim Falafel review image

Mixed Falafel Platter

A sampling of Taïm’s three flavors of falafel, “Green” with cilantro and mint, “Red” with roasted red pepper, and our favorite, “Harissa” with...harissa. This platter is also great because it comes with their amazing Israeli and tabouli salads.

Falafel Sandwich

For as much as we like the platter, our real go-to move at Taïm is the sandwich. We stuff it with harissa balls, pickles, olives, and hot sauce, which you should know packs some punch. Fully loaded, this is one of the best falafel sandwiches you’ll ever eat.

Tabouli Salad

I’m Lebanese, so I take shit like this seriously. This is a serious tabouli. The key is that the bulgur remains firm, and not mushy. A must order.

Smoothies & Juices

The ginger mint lemonade is amazing, and the smoothies here are really good too. Get your healthy on.


Forget whatever we just said about healthy, and finish your meal with some baklava. Taïm’s is unbelievably good.

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