Deru Market

Aside from Costco and Carrie Brownstein, Deru Market is the greatest thing to ever come out of the Eastside. Smack in the middle of an otherwise-boring residential neighborhood in Kirkland, it feels like finding an oasis among desert sand—only the tire-sized carrot cake in the display case is not a mirage. That sh*t's real.

The menu is made up of locally sourced ingredients that go into their wood-fired pizza, sandwiches on housemade focaccia, muddled beet drinks, exemplary bowls of greens, and a few rotating seasonal entrees. It’s a fun spot for a casual outdoor summer lunch or a candlelit wintertime date over a bottle of wine at the bar, and the only way to do it wrong is by not grabbing a slab of Deru’s enormous layer cakes. The coconut and the dark chocolate salted peanut butter are their best flavors, and they’re so decadent that you’ll want to press your face up to the glass display to whisper goodbye afterwards.

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