If the week has felt longer than The Iliad, and it’s time for a plate of cheese-blasted carbs, get to Cornelly immediately. This small Italian spot on Capitol Hill serves pizza and pasta that deserve a 24-book Homer-style epic written about them. The pies are thoroughly crunchy without being burnt, with excellent toppings like fennel sausage and globs of ricotta or smoked scamorza and a sh*tton of summer corn. Meanwhile, fresh pasta tossed in pesto or a spruced-up bolognese with mint and hints of vinegar proves that Cornelly nails any type of flour-based dough. The effortlessly chill dining room and sidewalk patio are walk-in-only, but swing by before 6pm, and you’ll be among the natural wine and lavender-buttered olive focaccia faster than you can say dactylic hexameter.

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