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Where To Eat At The South Street Seaport

Thinking of heading to the South Street Seaport? Here are the best places to eat.

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What To Eat (And Skip) At The Tin Building By Jean-Georges feature image


What To Eat (And Skip) At The Tin Building By Jean-Georges

Here's what we think of all the places at the massive Seaport food hall from Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

House of the Red Pearl review image


House of the Red Pearl

House of the Red Pearl is a Chinese-inspired place in the Tin Building by Jean-Georges. The decor is cheesy, but the duck with perfectly-crisped skin will inspire repeat visits.

T. Brasserie review image


T. Brasserie

Unsurprisingly, the French restaurant at a food hall by Jean-Georges Vongerichten is worth checking out. Come here for a casual date and share some escargots, but skip the burger.

The Frenchman's Dough review image


The Frenchman's Dough

The food at this Italian restaurant in the Tin Building is a mixed bag. We’re fans of the fried calamari blanketed with parm, but you should go elsewhere for pizza.

Taquito review image



The tacos at the Tin Building are disappointing. Try another restaurant at this Jean-Georges food hall instead.

Seeds & Weeds review image


Seeds & Weeds

Seed & Weeds is the only place to eat in the Tin Building with views of the East River. You'll enjoy their vegan and vegetarian dishes even if you're an avid meat eater.

Pâtisserie at Tin Building review image


Pâtisserie at Tin Building

Stop by this Seaport spot for a cookie, pie, or mixed berry étoile stuffed with jam, custard, and other fillings.

Bakery at Tin Building review image


Bakery at Tin Building

Tired of making sandwiches at home with Wonder Bread? Dramatically improve your lunch by picking up a seeded sourdough loaf at the Bakery at Tin Building.

Fulton Fish Co. review image


Fulton Fish Co.

This seafood counter with a huge raw bar in the Tin Building by Jean-Georges is great for some oysters followed by something greasy like a salad with fried clams and shrimp.

Crêpes and Dosas at Tin Building review image


Crêpes and Dosas at Tin Building

This little station on the first floor of the Tin Building serves sweet and savory dosas and crêpes, with some unique options like vanilla sponge cake with almond paste and meringue.

T Café review image


T Café

T Café is where to go for something with caffeine at the Tin Building. This Seaport coffee shop is also good for a lighter breakfast or lunch.

Shikku review image



Skikku is your best option if you want a relaxing break from all the people-dodging you’ll be doing at the Tin Building. The sushi is high-quality, and the rolls have interesting components.

Sandwich & Salad at Tin Building review image


Sandwich & Salad at Tin Building

Don't dismiss this station at the Tin Building as just another place to grab a generic salad or sandwich. The roast beef sandwich is one of the best we've had.

Double Yolk review image


Double Yolk

The sandwiches at this create-your-own breakfast sandwich counter at the Tin Building are big and come stuffed with a lot of fluffy eggs.

Big Gay Ice Cream review image


Big Gay Ice Cream

Big Gay Ice Cream specializes in excellent soft serve while also having La Newyorkina’s most popular paleta flavors on deck.

Cowgirl Sea-Horse review image


Cowgirl Sea-Horse

For a relatively cheap place with ample space and good drinks, I’m not complaining. For the Seaport, it’s definitely a good option. Put this restaurant anywhere else though, and we’d keep on walking.

10 Corso Como review image


10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como is a big Italian restaurant at the Seaport with a memorable space and much less memorable food.

Thai Farm Kitchen review image


Thai Farm Kitchen

Thai Farm Kitchen’s Seaport location serves some of the best Thai food in Manhattan.

The Greens review image


The Greens

On the roof of Pier 17 in the Seaport District, The Greens is a big outdoor space where you can drink while playing lawn games with a group.

Luchadores review image



Luchadores is a counter-service Mexican spot by the Seaport where you can eat tacos and drink beers outside.