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Where To Get Chinese Delivery And Takeout In NYC

In the mood for Chinese food tonight? Here are 44 options.

44 Spots
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44 Spots
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If you love Chinese restaurants as much as we do, there’s currently a void in life. And that void can only be filled with Hunan, Henan, Sichuan, Shanghainese, or any other type of Chinese food on a plate in front of you. Fortunately, a lot of places are still doing delivery and takeout. So take a look at this guide, and start placing orders.

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Golden Steamer

$$$$ 5224 8th Ave

Before bed every night, we pray for a certain person to show up outside of our window with a duffel bag full of steamed pumpkin buns. Is that person Lenny Kravitz? Yes. Yes it is. While we wait for our Pumpkin Bun Lenny, you can take matters into your own hands and stop by this classic bakery on 8th Avenue in Sunset Park for takeout any day of the week.

Noah Devereaux

Great NY Noodletown

$$$$ 28 Bowery

While you can’t currently sit in Great NY Noodletown late at night and gorge yourself on roast pork and wonton soup, you can now do that very activity at home. This classic Cantonese spot in Chinatown recently reopened for takeout and delivery, and they’re accepting orders online (just know they stop delivery service at 9pm every day).

Noah Devereaux

Málà Project

$$$$ 122 1st Ave

Both the East Village and Bryant Park locations of Málà Project are back open for takeout and delivery from noon to 9pm every day. You can check out their menu and schedule your order for things like customized dry pot and excellent dan dan noodles on their website here.

Szechuan Mountain House 川山甲

$$$$ 23 Saint Marks Pl

For more mala spice downtown, know that Szechuan Mountain House in the East Village is serving takeout dishes like twice-cooked pork, spicy prawns, and chicken stew. They’re offering pick-up and delivery every day between noon and 8pm every day.

Noah Devereaux

White Bear

Chinese  in  Flushing
$$$$ 135-02 Roosevelt Ave

When you order takeout from White Bear in Flushing you can get 12 pork wontons to eat right away and 100 frozen ones to make at home. This place is pick-up only, so consider yourself lucky if you live close by.

Dun Huang

$$$$ 531 Myrtle Ave

Dunhaung specializes in Northwestern Chinese food, with lots of stuff like crispy lamb chops, beef soup with hand-pulled noodles, and, also, curly fries and popcorn chicken. Their Clinton Hill, East Village, and Grand Central locations are currently open for takeout and delivery.

Noah Devereaux

Cafe China

$$$$ 13 E 37th St

Right now, you could be eating spicy cumin lamb, chengdu wontons, and mapo tofu from Cafe China. This exceptional Midtown spot is open for takeout and delivery (just look at their site for ordering info), and, if you spent too much time staring at CNN today, it’ll vastly improve your mood.

Birds Of A Feather

$$$$ 191 Grand St

Birds of a Feather is a spot in Williamsburg from the same people behind Cafe China, and it’s where you should get some fried eggplant and Chungking chicken later. Head to their website here for pick-up or delivery.

If you’re near Chinatown in Manhattan, you can now stop by Wah Fung No. 1 Fast Food to pick up Cantonese meats like duck and roast pork over rice.

Pinch Chinese

$$$$ 177 Prince St

Pinch in Soho has everything from zhajiangmian and three cup chicken to Peking duck and crispy brussels sprouts. And, to drink, they’re delivering cocktails, punch bowls, and all the bottles from their wine list (which are currently 50% off). Call 212-328-7880 for pickup, or go online for delivery.

China Wang

$$$$ 109 W 225th St

China Wang on West 225th Street in Spuyten Duyvil is open for takeout and delivery service every day from 11:30am to 9pm. You can place your order for dishes like hot and sour soup and roast pork with snow peas online, or call them directly at 914- 863-6664.

Jiang Diner

Jiang Diner

$$$$ 309 E 5th St

When you order from Jiang Diner - an East Village spot that specializes in Northwestern Chinese food - it’s important that you get the big tray chicken and the lamb cumin noodles. Call directly at 646-484-5999 or place an order directly through their website here.

Hwa Yuan

$$$$ 42 E Broadway

Planning a big night in? Hwa Yuan in Chinatown is currently open and delivering such things as foie gras, whole stir fried crab, and their signature Beijing duck. Whatever you order, we suggest you throw in some soup dumplings and cold noodles with sesame sauce as well. Just go online to place your order.

The Bund

$$$$ 100-30 Queens Blvd

Both the Forest Hills and Astoria locations of this Shanghainese restaurant are offering takeout and delivery service for lunch and dinner. Go online to schedule your personal appointment with a tray full of bao and soup dumplings.

China Xiang

$$$$ 360 W 42nd St

If you’re looking for lunch or dinner takeout options in Midtown, place an order at China Xiang for some double cooked pork belly, tea smoked duck, and hunan noodle soup. Or, if you want something else, just check out the extensive menu online.

Miss Li Henan Cuisine

$$$$ 133-49 Roosevelt Ave

A Henan spot in Flushing, Miss Li Henan Cuisine is currently only offering pick-up. But if you live in the general vicinity of Flushing and find yourself in need of some fried pork chops or lamb noodles soup, you know exactly where to go. You can place your order online through their website here.

Buddha Bodai

$$$$ 5 Mott St

If you’re vegan and looking for a place in the Chinatown area where you can order absolutely anything on the menu (the dumplings, spring rolls, and vegetarian duck are all good) and you don’t want to pay more than around $15, this kosher Chinese spot is a great place to consider.

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

Chinese  in  Flushing
$$$$ 38-12 Prince St

Maybe you’ve been trying to turn a bag of frozen dumplings into soup dumplings like you’re a Hogwarts student in transfiguration class. That’s a nice idea. Whenever you give up on your spells, order some soup dumplings from Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao in Flushing instead. You can see their menu and place your takeout or delivery order through their website here.

The Rice Noodle 老滇味

$$$$ 190 Bleecker St

Unsurprisingly, The Rice Noodle in the West Village serves many different variations of rice noodle dishes. The biggest decision you’ll have to make when you order takeout from this West Village spot is whether or not you want your noodles to come in a broth bath. You can see their menu and order directly through their website here.

Kunning Huang

Junzi Kitchen

$$$$ 2896 Broadway

Junzi Kitchen is a counter-service spot with locations in Midtown, Morningside Heights, and Greenwich Village where you can customize your own rice bowl, noodle bowl, bing wrap, or salad. They also have family-sized meals and quarts of rice and noodles, in case you need to feed several roommates.

Hunan Cafe

$$$$ 137-40 Northern Blvd

Looking for Hunan food in Flushing? Get some braised pork and pumpkin cakes from Hunan Cafe. Call 718-353-1808 for pick-up, or order delivery online.

3 Times

$$$$ 818 Broadway

Another counter-service spot, 3 Times has plenty of dim sum, fried rice, and noodles, as well as a bunch of frozen goods you can order. So if you’re trying to figure out how to stuff your freezer with wontons, dumplings, and scallion pancakes, this is the answer. Their Union Square location is open for all of their takeout, and the LES location is open for frozen goods.

Spicy Moon

$$$$ 66 W 3rd St

Spicy Moon is a Szechuan spot in the West Village that’s also vegan. So if you’re looking for vegan dan dan noodles and mapo tofu, this is the place. When you place your order online, you’ll also have the option of getting some beer.

An Rong Xu

Nom Wah Nolita

$$$$ 10 Kenmare St

The original Nom Wah is closed, but their counter-service location in Nolita is open. So place an order for some dim sum and sloppy joe noodles, and add a 1.5-pound bag of frozen siu mai or dumplings to your order so you have more things to eat when you wake up at midnight (because you went to bed out of boredom at 7pm). Check out their menu and place your order here.

Little Pepper

$$$$ 18-24 College Point Blvd

Little Pepper is open, and for this you should give thanks. This is a top-tier Sichuan spot in College Point, and it’s a great option for sauteed string beans and beef tendon with chili sauce. Just give them a call at 718-939-7788 to place your delivery or takeout order, and if you want to see more updates about their takeout service, check out their Facebook page here.

108 Food- Dried Hot Pot

$$$$ 2794 Broadway

This hot pot restaurant near Columbia University has over 15 soup bases to choose from. If you’re not feeling like filling your pores with hot broth right now, 108 Food Dried Hot Pot also serves a bunch of rice, noodle, and vegetable dishes. You can place your order for delivery and pick-up directly through their website here.

A Taste of Shanghai Restaurant

$$$$ 39-07 Prince St #1A

Taste of Shanghai is, unsurprisingly, a Shanghainese restaurant. And if you need some soup dumplings, rice cakes, or a whole fish, you can call this Flushing spot at 718-888-1636 or order directly through their website here.

Wa Lung Kitchen

$$$$ 557 Grand St

Think about holding a little bowl of hot and sour soup right now, admiring it like you do with your rubber tree or neat stack of paper towels. If that’s something you’re excited about and you’re within Wa Lung Kitchen’s delivery or takeout range (this restaurant is on Grand Street), you can place your soup order online or by calling 908-922-4130. They also have a bunch of vegetarian options, and catering-sized trays of fried rice and sesame chicken.

Kings County Imperial

$$$$ 20 Skillman Ave.

Both the LES and Williamsburg locations of this Chinese spot are offering takeout and delivery every day from 4:30 to 10pm, including dim sum, garlicky eggplant, and Hong Kong style noodles with pork. If you want another incentive to support them, know that they’re also doing weekly donations to people who work in emergency rooms and ICU facilities around the city.

Grain House

$$$$ 929 Amsterdam Ave

Grain House on Amsterdam Avenue mostly serves Sichuan food, and even if your apartment currently has a vegetarian, a pescatarian, and someone who restricts themselves to only eating spicy pork, you can still make takeout work here. They deliver pretty much all over the uptown area, and you can place your order online.

Hao Noodle

Chinese  in  Chelsea
$$$$ 343 W 14th St

Hao Noodle’s Chelsea location has a limited menu of dishes available for pick-up or delivery, but you can still get a lot of dishes we like (the bean curd shreds in chili sauce, for instance). They’re open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:30am to 7:30pm, and you can find more information about how to order online through their website here.

Atlas Kitchen

$$$$ 258 W 109th St

This Hunan spot on West 109th Street is open for takeout and delivery, serving family-style dishes like spicy chicken with long beans, spare ribs, and a few different dry wok options. You can place your order online.

The Roast

$$$$ 5124 8th Ave

Frankly, you could use several pounds of roast duck. Or maybe some steamed chicken or a big serving of sweet roast pork over a mound of rice with some sauteed greens on the side. You can get all of those things (and a lot more) from The Roast in Sunset Park. Call 718-633-8288 for pick-up or delivery.

Carol's Bun

$$$$ 139 E Broadway

We don’t know Carol, but we often think about her whenever we walk down East Broadway. And if you’re near the LES, you can think about her too while you pick out three entrees for about $5 here. Carol’s Bun is open for takeout and delivery every day, and you can place your order directly through their website here.

The Best Sichuan

$$$$ 47 W 39th St

Whether you’re near Times Square because that’s where you live or you’re taking artsy photos of the empty streets, you can order lunch or dinner from The Best Sichuan. They’re offering 10% off your order if you go directly through their website here.

Asia Coladner

Little Tong Midtown

$$$$ 235 E 53rd St

Every day from noon to 7pm, the Midtown East location of this Yunnan spot is serving a limited menu of mixian rice noodles, as well as appetizers you can snack on in between virtual Happy Hours and conference calls. They’re not accepting any cash or card payments at their shop, so you’ll have to pay ahead of time when you order delivery or pick-up online.

East Wind Snack Shop

$$$$ 471 16th St

East Wind is known for its plump, excellent dumplings. And, if you’ve never tried them, you can now do so in your pajamas at home. Their Carroll Gardens and Windsor Terrace locations are both open for takeout and delivery starting at noon. Go online to place your delivery order or call 347-889-5717 for Carroll Gardens and 929-295-0188 for Windsor Terrace.

Guan Fu Szechuan

Chinese  in  Flushing
$$$$ 39-16 Prince St # G01

This huge Sichuan restaurant in Flushing has its menu available on a few online delivery platforms and you can also call 347-610-6999 to place a pick-up order. Get their mapo tofu and something with spicy fish.

The Handpulled Noodle

Chinese  in  Harlem
$$$$ 3600 Broadway

At The Handpulled Noodle in Harlem, you can customize your own stir fry or noodle soup, or you can throw all your trust into their five spice pork noodles or chicken stew with chopped ribbon noodles. And, really, there is no wrong answer. Call 917-262 0213 for takeout, or order delivery on their website here - and be sure to add some dumplings to your order.

Szechuan Garden

$$$$ 9112 3rd Ave

For exactly a million reasons, it’s possible you don’t want to spend more than $13 on a meal right now. Szechuan Garden in Park Slope has a bunch of combo platters that cost $13 and come with rice, soup, and your choice of entree. Whether or not you end up ordering a side of eggplant with garlic sauce is fully dependent on your strength of will.


$$$$ 10-07 50th Ave

If you’re in LIC, get some food from Hupo. It’s a Sichuan spot where you can get some wontons, double-cooked pork, and a whole fish in a soup with chilis and Sichuan peppercorns. They also have snow pea shoots and green beans, in case you forget what it’s like to eat something that’s a vivid shade of green. Just call them at 718-255-6722 for pickup, or check out their website for delivery options.

Noah Devereaux

Green Garden Village

$$$$ 216 Grand St

After closing for about two months, Green Garden Village is now serving a large portion of their Cantonese menu for takeout. You can stop by their restaurant on Grand Street street to pick up barbecued meats, wonton soup, and crab fried rice.

Yu Kitchen

$$$$ 2656 Broadway

Yu Kitchen on the UWS is serving a mix of Cantonese and Szechuan food for takeout and delivery, including dry pot and hot pot dishes for around $15, cumin lamb, and more than different kinds of handmade dumplings. Check out their menu and place your order online.

New Li Hing

$$$$ 304 Avenue U

If you’re looking for dishes like beef with black bean sauce and fried dumplings near Gravesend, New Li Hing is open for takeout every day. Just know they’re only offering pick-up service right now, and you can place your order on their website.

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