Great NY Noodletown

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We've now been to Great New York Noodletown multiple times, and to be brutally honest, we don't get it.

Yes, it's good, but is it that good? Fans of this place talk about it like it's God's gift to Chinese food. And it's entirely possible that we don't know this culture well enough to appreciate Noodletown's famous duck dish, which is served cold and, in our opinion, not good. We've also found that the menu has an common thread throughout: salt, and a lot of it.

That said, there is still plenty to like here at Great New York Noodletown, as the menu is deep with classic noodle dishes and delicious pork options. It's definitely one of the best Late Night Eats destinations around, and we dig the frenzied waiters and the feverish pace at which they operate. Your soup is showing up at the table before you're even done ordering. You'll appreciate that come 2am.

Food Rundown


Obviously, you're starting this meal off with a bowl of soup. The Won Ton Noodle Soup is where it's at - especially the shrimp - and the roast pork in noodles is also excellent.

Roasted Duck

One of their most talked about dishes left us scratching our heads. Not a single person at our table could handle more than two bites. Maybe we're complete amateurs, or maybe it's just that we like our duck warm and not tasting like it just came out of the fridge. Skip unless that sounds good.

Roast Pork

The other end of the spectrum, the fatty strips of roasted pork are quite delicious. The crispy outside layer is done just right. Pig > Duck.

Soft Shell Crab

Another one of Great New York Noodletown's famous dishes. During soft shelled crab season they fry 'em up and salt 'em down like no one else. These crabs are damn tasty, albeit a little on the plain side when you take away their main source of seasoning. Definitely worth ordering, but not worth going out of your way for.

Pan Fried Noodles

What Noodletown does best - high quality noodle dishes that go down easy. We tried on the Singapore Chow Funn and it went over well. The Beef Chow Funn is the go-to.


We've sampled the Genersal Tso and the Kung-Po chicken dishes. Both totally fine, but nothing to write home about.

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