Where To Get Dessert Delivery & Takeout In Seattle

Need cookies, cakes, or ice cream delivered to your doorstep? You’re in the right place.

As if your aggressive sweet tooth wasn’t already an issue, now you have the stress of a quarantine triggering it. Tip: Just lean into it. We all need to feel some sweet relief right now, and there’s no shame in a late-night (or early afternoon) sugar binge. Luckily, there are plenty of places in town to help. From bakeries to pie shops to restaurants selling homemade soft serve, here are some great options for dessert delivery and takeout in Seattle.

The Spots

Ben and Jerry’s have their place, but the only two names in ice cream we’re interested in are Frankie and Jo. They make outstanding coconut- and cashew-milk-based vegan ice creams in flavors like chocolate tahini and rhubarb yuzu yogurt. You can check their Instagram for more information, but they’re also doing a delivery special that includes five pints and a reusable cooler bag for $80.

It would be borderline cruel to get Ma’ono takeout without a spicy fried chicken sandwich. So, make sure to order one of those, and then add on a slice of banana cream pie for dessert. The whipped cream to filling ratio is essentially 2:1, and the cookie crust is full of crunchy cacao nibs. You can place your delivery order here.

Besides incredible mezze and fluffy pita bread, we can also count on this Mediterranean restaurant in Beacon Hill for their soft serve takeout window. They have much more interesting flavors than just vanilla, like recent options vegan salt-roasted banana, matcha, chocolate bay leaf, and tahini. Having a cup of this stuff is somehow even better than a Zoom party without any technical difficulties.

Speaking of soft serve, this tiny burger joint located in the parking lot of Golden Gardens is where you can get a classic swirl cone. And even though you can’t enjoy your ice cream on the beach, it’s still nice to be able to drive up and grab a cone while soaking in the view of the shore. They’re only open for takeout (but the soft serve would travel poorly anyway).

They’re not Oreos, but Mamnoon is selling freshly-baked chocolate chunk tahini cookies that you can order for delivery by calling the restaurant at 206-906-9606. You can eat them by themselves, use them to make little ice cream sandwiches, or freeze them for another day - the choice is yours.

Aside from rye bread, chocolate pastries are Seawolf’s expertise. Both their chocolate croissant and oatmeal chocolate chip cookie are phenomenal baked goods to pick up and eat for dessert. They’re so good that you’ll want to work them into your routine just as seamlessly as you did when you started checking your turnip prices in Animal Crossing daily.

It’s your birthday - all the gifts were ecards, and your party is on Zoom. However, you can still get a real cake from Hot Cakes. They’ve launched a new menu called “Birthdays Don’t Stop” which is a delivery service for molten lava cakes you can bake at home. You can even add candles for free.

If you’d rather have your dessert for breakfast, the poffertjes at Miri’s are excellent - plus you can top yours with a dusting of powdered sugar and fruit or a sh*t ton of Nutella. They’re open for pickup only, but Miri’s gives you the perfect excuse to drive down to the beach and eat a big serving of pancakes.

Bakery Nouveau has almost every kind of French pastry you can think of - macarons, cakes, tarts, cookies, and more. Right now they have contact-free pickup areas at both their Capitol Hill and West Seattle locations.

Cupcake Royale is one of our favorite places for ice cream, cupcakes, and ice cream with cupcakes mixed in (specifically a double-decker cone of buttermilk red velvet and salty caramel). You can place an order for pickup, an advance order for delivery, or same-day delivery all on their website.

Pie Bar doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination - it’s a bar that serves pies. You can order their tasty cream or fruit-based slices for delivery here, and some of their options include apple crumble, key lime, peanut butter, and cookies and cream.

Lowrider Baking Company


Lowrider Baking Company is offering same-day delivery for all of your cookie needs. If you go to their website, you can buy a layered cookie cake, as well as individual slices of cookie cake, pints of Full Tilt ice cream, and even half-pints of milk.

Buddha Bruddah’s Thai iced tea is so sweet and creamy that we’d even consider that a dessert. But they also have a bunch of other sweets on their menu to choose from, like coconut cream pie, chocolate cream pie, chocolate coconut cream pie, banana cream pie, and macadamia nut brownies. They’re all great, and you can get your slices and brownies delivered through third-party apps.

While everyone’s raiding the freezer section at the supermarket, you should sit at home and get pints delivered to you from Sweet Alchemy. This ice cream spot in the U District serves excellent flavors like espresso shortbread, banana nutella, and Korean rice wine. In addition to pints, they’re offering homemade pastries for delivery, too.

One of the most heated debates with friends and coworkers is which cake flavor from Deru is the best. Some days we say dark chocolate with salted peanut butter frosting, and other days we’re feeling coconut - point is, they’re all incredible. Head to their website to find out what slices they have for pickup and delivery.

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Kelly Cannoli


On a random stretch of Lake City Way is a pink shed that serves the best cannoli in the entire city. Kelly Cannoli is offering delivery of their ricotta-filled pastry shells through third-party apps, and you can stay updated on their hours and menu on their Facebook page.

R&M is a great place to order from if you want dessert for a date night or anniversary while stuck at home. They specialize in smaller, fancier treats like chocolate almond tortes, cherry tarts, pear hazelnut crisps, and white chocolate pistachio shortbread. They’re selling wine too, in case you want something nice to pair with your pastries. Check their website for more information.

Next Level is a plant-based burger spot inside of the Roosevelt Whole Foods. So, while you’re there grabbing groceries, you should absolutely get one of their incredible chocolate cookie milkshakes made with homemade coconut soft serve. And if you don’t need to go to the grocery store, you can always just order a shake for delivery.

If you have nothing to top your ice cream but an overripe banana, gummy multivitamins, and coffee grounds, you need Shug’s Soda Fountain’s help. Their sundae kits come with two pints of ice cream, hot fudge, caramel, brownies, graham crackers, marshmallows, toasted almonds, rainbow sprinkles, and cherries. If that’s too much (or you’re still looking for more), you can also get a root beer float kit or smaller s’mores sundae or brownie sundae kits. Just be sure to pick up from their West Seattle pop-up location, not their Downtown location. Check their Instagram for more information.

You could take an entire afternoon and make an intricately layered shortbread from a recipe you found online. Or, you can just make a quick trip to pick up some sweets from Fat Ducks. From their fudgy brownies to millionaire bars, anything this bakery cuts into rectangles is excellent.

When you cross a cinnamon roll with a cheese danish, you get something incredible - behold the “Snitter” from Nielsen’s. Eat it for breakfast with coffee, after dinner with some milk, or just grab some of these pastries for takeout whenever you get a chance. They’re pickup-only, but if you buy a Baker’s Box for delivery (which also comes with flour, eggs, butter, and four assorted pastries), there’s a chance they’ll throw in a snitter.

While all of your friends are starting artsy hobbies like cross-stitching, painting, and puppeteering intricate love triangles on The Sims 4, you could get into cupcake decorating. Trophy Cupcakes offers delivery and pickup for their DIY Decorate Your Own Dozen Kit, which comes with two flavors of unfrosted cupcakes, vanilla buttercream, and a lot of sprinkles. Maybe this is meant for children, but we see no reason why adults won’t enjoy this, too.

If you want something to sip on your couch that isn’t water, alcohol, or coffee, a milkshake the only logical next option. Our favorite one in the city is 206 Burger’s Oreo version, with thick vanilla ice cream and a lot of cookie crumbs. Order it for delivery here.

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