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Champagne Diner review image

SEA Review

Champagne Diner

Have a glass of natural wine with your tuna melt at Champagne Diner, an excellent modern diner in Interbay.

Dantini Pizza review image

SEA Review

Dantini Pizza

Dantini is a pizza pop-up in Interbay that operates on Wednesdays through Sundays at Batch 206 Distillery.

Holy Mountain Brewing Company review image

SEA Review

Holy Mountain Brewing Company

Holy Mountain is a terrific brewery in Interbay.

Little Chinook’s review image

SEA Review

Little Chinook’s

Little Chinook’s is a casual seafood counter in the border of Interbay and Magnolia.

Fishermen’s Green Market & Deli review image

SEA Review

Fishermen’s Green Market & Deli

Fishermen’s is a deli and market in Interbay on the Salmon Bay Marina.

Sisters And Brothers review image

SEA Review

Sisters And Brothers

Sisters & Brothers is a Southern spot in Interbay that serves excellent Nashville-style hot fried chicken.