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Omar's Fine Cuisine  review image

NYC Review

Omar's Fine Cuisine

This nondescript Prospect Heights restaurant serves incredible Indian food, tasty fusion pizza, and, yes, even good bagels.

Lowerline review image

NYC Review


Lowerline is a tiny restaurant in Prospect Heights with excellent New Orleans-style food.

Barboncino review image

NYC Review


Barboncino is a neighborhood pizza place in Crown Heights that's kind of like the Roberta's of the area. It's good and family friendly.

Olmsted review image

NYC Review


A Prospect Heights restaurant serving some of the most inventive, delicious food in New York City.

Faun review image

NYC Review


Faun is an excellent neighborhood spot in Prospect Heights serving seasonal, Italian-inspired food. Eat pasta on their patio whenever possible.

Chuko review image

NYC Review


Three blocks from the Barclays Center, Chuko is not only an ideal pre-game move, but our favorite ramen joint in Brooklyn.

Patti Ann's Bakery review image

NYC Review

Patti Ann's Bakery

Patti Ann's Bakery is an Austrian-inspired bakery in Prospect Heights from the people behind nearby Olmsted.

BCakeNY review image

NYC Review


Hit up this shop in Prospect Heights for your next birthday cake.

Sofreh review image

NYC Review


Sofreh is a great Persian restaurant in Prospect Heights.

The Best Restaurants In Prospect Heights guide image

NYC Guide

The Best Restaurants In Prospect Heights

The best restaurants north of Prospect Park.

R&D Foods review image

NYC Review

R&D Foods

R&D Foods is a cafe in Prospect Heights that makes delicious breakfast sandwiches and salads.

KIT review image

NYC Review


KIT is a queer-run restaurant incubator in Prospect Heights that hosts a wide range of pop-ups every week.

Dacha 46 review image

NYC Review

Dacha 46

Dacha 46 is a roving Eastern European food concept doing pop-ups all across the city.

Bar Meridian review image

NYC Review

Bar Meridian

Bar Meridian in Prospect Heights is a great spot for outdoor drinks or to meet up for a first date.

King David Tacos review image

NYC Review

King David Tacos

King David Tacos in Prospect Heights serves Central Texas-style breakfast tacos, lunch tacos, and queso.

Where To Pick Up To-Go Cocktails Near Prospect Park guide image

NYC Guide

Where To Pick Up To-Go Cocktails Near Prospect Park

10 places serving to-go cocktails near Prospect Park.

Where To Get Food Near Prospect Park guide image

NYC Guide

Where To Get Food Near Prospect Park

Prospect Park is one of the best places to spend a day in Brooklyn. Here’s where to pick up food for a picnic nearby.

The Nuaa Table review image

NYC Review

The Nuaa Table

The Nuaa Table is a Thai spot in Prospect Heights where you should go to eat Jasmine tea-smoked ribs on their turf-covered outdoor patio.

Leland Eating & Drinking House review image

NYC Review

Leland Eating & Drinking House

Leland Eating & Drinking House serves excellent small plates, fresh focaccia, and hot cocktails from its corner shop in Prospect Heights.

A Crown Heights Food Crawl For Charity This Saturday feature image

NYC Feature

A Crown Heights Food Crawl For Charity This Saturday

On Saturday, October 3rd, 28 restaurants in Crown Heights are participating in a food crawl, with all ticket proceeds going to charity.