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Camillo review image

NYC Review


Camillo is a neighborhood Italian place in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Zanmi review image

NYC Review


Zanmi is a fun Haitian restaurant in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Edie Jo’s review image

NYC Review

Edie Jo’s

Edie Jo’s is a bar and restaurant in Prospect Lefferts Gardens that’s great if you’re looking for drinks and snacks in the neighborhood.

Glou review image

NYC Review


Glou is a wine bar and small plates restaurant in Prospect Lefferts Gardens that’s one of your best options in the area for a first/early date.

Mo’s Original review image

NYC Review

Mo’s Original

Mo’s Original is an affordable ramen spot in Prospect Lefferts Gardens with smoked jerk meats that will make you wish you had a smoker of your own.

Hamlet Coffee Company review image

NYC Review

Hamlet Coffee Company

Hamlet Coffee Company in PLG serves great coffee very close to Prospect Park.