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267 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn
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Over the last five years, the barbecue scene in NYC has improved dramatically. We're no longer the laughing stock of the league, stuck with Rub, Daisy May's, and Hill Country representing our formerly smoker-less city. We'll never be Texas, Memphis, or The Carolinas, but thanks to a badass group of relocated expats and some learnt, dedicated locals, NYC BBQ has gone from being a joke to nationally renowned very quickly. Ladies and gentlemen, a former pit-master at the single greatest BBQ brisket establishment of all time, Austin's Franklin BBQ, is now smoking meats on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. We have officially arrived.

Morgan's is one of the new kids on the BBQ block, generating all kinds of excitement and buzz right now. While it may be located in the heart of Brooklyn, only a couple blocks from Barclays Center, its indoor/outdoor set-up embodies a Texan aura. As we mentioned, Morgan's original pit-master, John Avila, who has since moved on, ran the smoke show for the royal Franklin family for a couple years in Austin. He's now moved north and brings with him a lifetime of meat smoking, as he started at a young age, being mentored by his father at their families restaurant. As if you needed another reason to check it out, rumor has it Morgan's is even shipping up University Of Texas girls to wait tables too. OK, we made that up. Regardless, Morgan's is a summer guide shoe-in, as the excellent outdoor patio is filled with ample seating and will certainly be a popular hangout spot in the warm weather months.

Texan vibes, a Franklin association and fun in the sun be damned, it'd be all be for nothing if the food sucked. Thankfully, that's not the case at all. We liked the 'cue a great deal. We can't wait to come back for more fatty brisket, pulled pork, beef sausage, and pork ribs, which were among our favorites. We also applaud the idea of smoked turkey. You rarely see that on a BBQ menu, but when done right, smoked turkey holds its own. Our one complaint is that the food temperature. None of our meats seemed hot enough, they fell in between lukewarm and warm, which isn't good. Still though, you can taste the love that goes into this stuff, and we're very lucky to have Morgan's in the mix.

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Food Rundown

Morgan's BBQ review image


The fatty brisket was, honestly, damn near perfect. The rub has a nice amount of smoke, some spicy kick and exactly the right amount of caramelization. We'll be coming back for more.

Brisket Tacos

So delicious, even my nine month old wanted to get in on the action. We'll admit, these have nothing on the Briskettown tacos. However, these guys are pretty damn good in their own right.

Pulled Pork

Moist (you love that word), smokey pork with an awesome bark and fiery, caramelized tasting finish. More please.

Pork Ribs

In general, we're not the biggest fan of pork ribs - they always seem to pale in comparison to their big beef counterparts. But not at Morgan's. These are the best pork ribs we've had in NYC. The meat is falling off the bone, and is perfectly smoked.

Beef Sausage

So good. The sauce is laced with a small amount of jalapeños to give it that little extra kick, and it really makes it stand out. Definitely order one.


A nicely smoked turkey. Juicy, flavorful, and sporting a really nice crust. Now, if only they started smoking giant turkey legs...


We got a half bird and this was really the only thing we were disappointed in. It didn't have the feel of a bbq'ed bird, more just like a roasted bird. It was overly wet, and not in a moist, delicious way, more just in a waterlogged, unappealing way. Skip.


The Mac 'N Cheese was a big hit, as was the spicy potato salad. The overflowing cole slaw could have used a bit less liquid and the collard greens were solid.


Don't leave without trying the daily cobbler. We had a peach and blueberry one, and it was insanely good.

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