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Found Oyster

Kat Hong
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Moo’s Craft Barbecue

Brant Cox
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Holy Basil

Brant Cox
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Hakata Izakaya Hero  review image

LA Review

Hakata Izakaya Hero

Hakata Izakaya Hero in Westwood is one of the best Japanese izakayas on the Westside.

Salazar review image

LA Review


Salazar is a Mexican BBQ restaurant in Frogtown that’s gone from excellent to average in just a few short years. The patio, however, remains great.

Tlayuda LA review image

LA Review

Tlayuda LA

Tlayuda LA is a women-owned Oaxacan spot in Hollywood with - you guessed it - great tlayudas.

The Original Farmers Market  review image

LA Review

The Original Farmers Market

The Original Farmers Market might be touristy, but there's a lot of magic to found inside.

Marouch review image

LA Review


Marouch is an iconic Armenian-Lebanese restaurant in East Hollywood that does amazing things with mezze.

Birdie G’s review image

LA Review

Birdie G’s

Birdie G’s is a comfort-food spot in Santa Monica that feels both nostalgic and completely different from anything else in town.