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Go’s Mart

Brant Cox
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Sushi Park

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Fiish review image

LA Review


Fiish is a sushi bar in Culver City that serves respectable nigiri and some interesting vegan options.

MainRo review image

LA Review


If you're in the mood for an over-the-top clubstaurant experience, MainRo in Hollywood is one of the best shows in town.

The Best Affordable Sushi Restaurants in LA guide image

LA Guide

The Best Affordable Sushi Restaurants in LA

Because sushi doesn't have to cost an entire paycheck.

Kanpachi Sushi & Sake review image

LA Review

Kanpachi Sushi & Sake

Kanpachi Sushi & Sake is an old-school sushi spot on the border of Torrance and Gardena that serves a great affordable omakase.

Pisces Sushi review image

LA Review

Pisces Sushi

Pisces Sushi is hidden gem for takeout sushi in Manhattan Beach.

Iroha Sushi review image

LA Review

Iroha Sushi

Iroha is our go-to spot for affordable sushi in Studio City.

Yume Sushi Bar review image

LA Review

Yume Sushi Bar

Yume Sushi Bar is home to some of our favorite new sushi in the The Valley.

Hilo Sushi review image

LA Review

Hilo Sushi

If you can handle the hot seat, Hilo Sushi in Beverly Hill hosts one of the most entertaining omakases in town.

The Best New Sushi In LA guide image

LA Guide

The Best New Sushi In LA

Seven fresh spots to add to your raw fish rotation.

The Brothers Sushi review image

LA Review

The Brothers Sushi

The Brothers Sushi’s second location in Santa Monica is a huge win for Westsiders.

Haru Omakase review image

LA Review

Haru Omakase

Haru Omakase is a takeout-only sushi spot in Westwood where every box looks like a piece of art.

Nozomi review image

LA Review


Nozomi, a long-running Torrance sushi bar, excels at efficient omakases.

The Best Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles guide image

LA Guide

The Best Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles

Our guide to the greatest sushi spots in LA, from incredible a la carte meals to bucket list omakase options.

Sushi Takeda review image

LA Review

Sushi Takeda

Sushi Takeda, up on the third floor of Weller Court in Little Tokyo, is a very nice omakase restaurant.

Kogane review image

LA Review


Kogane is a perfectly nice omakase spot in Alhambra—a.k.a. exactly what the SGV needs.

Sushi Fumi review image

LA Review

Sushi Fumi

Sushi Fumi is one of our favorite sushi spots in LA, where any type of sushi eater will leave thrilled.

Sugarfish review image

LA Review


Sugarfish is an institution - and the best $30 sushi game in town. The Fairfax location follows the formula, and even has generally shorter wait times.

Murakami review image

LA Review


Murakami is home to the best affordable chirashi bowls in LA.

Sushi Yuzu review image

LA Review

Sushi Yuzu

Sushi Yuzu is one of the most popular casual sushi spots in the Valley, and for good reason.

Sushi I-Naba review image

LA Review

Sushi I-Naba

Manhattan Beach’s Sushi I-Naba is one of the best sushi spots in the South Bay, and an utterly unique and special experience.