Found Oyster

People we’ve brought to Found Oyster:

  • Our best friends in the entire world.

  • Intimidatingly cool coworkers.

  • Random acquaintances, people who we don't really know, but are desperate to get closer to simply because they're mutuals with Rihanna on Instagram.

  • Ourselves, whenever possible.

We all loved it.

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Here, basking in the Church of Scientology's hypnotic blue glow, is America's sexiest restaurant. We usually don't throw around superlatives like "sexiest," but when Found opened in 2019, something shifted in the universe. The energy here felt electrifying, like smearing glitter onto your eyelids or looking at literally any picture of Grace Jones ever. People who were cool, anyone who claimed to have taste, knew that this was the place to be: a cramped seafood restaurant in East Hollywood the size of a studio apartment where you'll be served silky crudos, artichoke brandade, and platters of oysters that shimmer like a Neiman Marcus tennis bracelet. A meal here felt like you were at the center of the universe. And we’re happy to report that nothing has changed. 

Since 2021, they've expanded their dining room—a tight, corridor-like space lit by a disco ball—to a cozy street patio where you're likely to brush elbows with stars from the indie film circuit. Found no longer takes reservations, so come a bit early, put down your name, then hang out at to Akbar, El Cid, or McDonald’s on Sunset, before returning when your table is ready.

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Pay attention to the raw bar. Spend time with it. Get to know it intimately. Everything is available a la carte, but for a slightly more luxurious experience, Found also offers two seafood towers: the Baywatch Platter ($75) and Overboard Platter ($140). They’re both giant, glittering behemoths, akin to a super-rare diamond in a museum you end up staring at for several minutes. If you're just here to snack, that can be your entire order—it's packed with enough oysters, peel-and-eat prawns, sicilian crudo, and crab cocktail for two-to-three people.

Meaty prawns come fully shelled and taste as creamy as cow’s milk. Crudos, drizzled in olive oil and dotted with capers, receive a vigorous lemon squeeze and glide down your throat. Oh, and those namesake oysters? They're sourced from the general manager's family farm in Maine—sweet, salty bites that always taste exceptionally clean. Order twice as many as you think you’ll eat.

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Beyond the raw bar, Found combines New England and Southern flavors through dishes like lobster bisque rolls, clam chowder, and ooey gooey artichoke brandade. Scallop tostadas, topped with yuzu, are punchy and citrusy; wedge salads are piled high with bacon bits and pungent blue cheese. And on Sundays, there’s a special caesar schnitzel—a frisbee-sized pork cutlet showered in shredded lettuce and salty anchovies that’ll make your tongue curl.

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Found Oyster is fool-proof, like the covers you might put on a table's sharp edges to protect kids from bumping their heads—a wonderful, holistic experience that’ll leave your entire table reminded of why they love Los Angeles. Perfect for dates, groups, or solo dinners; an excellent choice for both quick drinks at the bar and extended three-hour affairs. 

So, yes. Found Oyster is still one of the sexiest restaurants in LA. But we should probably find a better word than that.

Food Rundown

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Overboard Platter

The raw bar is our lord, and the Overboard Platter is the best way to worship it. It’s a cascading behemoth, a tower of oysters, prawns, clams, and crudos (all our favorite words). You’ll have lots of food and will feel like royalty.

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Scallop Tostada

Arguably our favorite dish here. Thanks to the yuzu koshu, each bite is electric, like a jolt to the tongue. Wildflowers are scattered throughout and the silky scallops will remind you of a ’90s Victoria’s Secret robe.

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Wedge Salad

Smoky! Bacon-heavy. Ice-cold iceberg lettuce. If you want something green, get this dish.

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Lobster Roll

Not our favorite—we prefer piping hot lobster rolls, and this one is pretty cool. In the mood for something New England-y? May we point you to the clam chowder?

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Steamed Clam Frites

The perfect anchor for a meal: a heavier dish that leaves everyone happy, full, and with garlic sauce dripping from the mouth. It’s quite simple—nothing but a bucket of clams steamed in wine, garlic, and thyme. The fries are hot and gloriously crispy, and a side of Bub & Grandma’s bread will properly sop up the broth. Or, you could stash it in a hidden flask. That works too.

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Fat & Flour Pie

And for dessert, pie from one of our favorite Grand Central Market stalls, Fat & Flour. The flavor changes from day to day, but expect slices of key lime and rhubarb cherry.

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