Little Coyote

Little Coyote is our go-to pizza spot in Long Beach, and one of the top pizzerias around LA. They've got two locations in Long Beach, but we prefer the one on the Eastside for its casual dining room and massive outdoor patio set-up. Their pies are an ode to the classic New York-style slice, but with a more flavorful crust and a variety of topping combos. Folding these thin-crust pies topped with spicy, house-made pepperoni here brings us back to post-game pizza parties with our childhood soccer team. But the pizza we'd gladly travel across town for is the light and airy white pie, topped with the perfect balance of spinach, ricotta, garlic, mozzarella, Calabrian chili, and creamy white sauce. In addition to incredible pizza, Little Coyote also serves subs loaded with things like soppressata and provolone as well as some excellent pasta dishes (sold under the side concept Jr.'s Pasta).

Food Rundown

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The White Pie

This is our favorite pizza right now at Little Coyote… and maybe in LA, period. Too often, white pizza falls victim to the heaviness of its own ingredients, but Little Coyote has managed to keep their version light, balanced, and downright delicious. Topped with spinach, ricotta, garlic, mozzarella, Calabrian chili, and white sauce, this is pizza worth traveling for - no matter what the 405 is giving you.

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Pepperoni Pizza

If the white pizza is our #1, this is #1A. Nothing kills the mood more than opening up a box of pizza to find toppings barely covering any of the pizza, but luckily, that’s not an issue here. This pie is covered in spicy, house-made pepperoni, each acting as little life rafts on an endless sea of cheese and nostalgia. Yes, it’s so good it made us wax poetic. All aboard, friends.

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The Classic Italian

While the pizza is the obvious star of the show at Little Coyote, ignoring their subs would be a huge mistake. The Classic Italian comes stuffed with mortadella, capicola, soppressata, provolone, and the works, and is easily its own meal. This is our favorite sandwich on the menu.

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Papa Joe

We enjoyed this pizza a lot, but would’ve liked to see a better balance between the mushrooms and sausage. As it was, the mushrooms just slightly overpowered everything (which isn’t a bad thing, we love a mushroom pizza), but Little Coyote’s sausage is good enough to be front and center as well.

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Meatball Sub

Did we say The Classic Italian was our favorite sub on the menu? We might’ve lied. This meatball sub is one of the best versions we’ve found in Southern California, and should absolutely be on your order. The half beef/half pork meatballs are slightly sweet, there’s just the right amount of red sauce layered on top, and the Italian roll is good enough to eat by itself.

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