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Industry Cafe & Jazz review image

LA Review

Industry Cafe & Jazz

Industry Cafe & Jazz in Culver City is half-jazz club, half-Ethiopian restaurant.

Messob Ethiopian Restaurant review image

LA Review

Messob Ethiopian Restaurant

Messob is one of the best restaurants in Little Ethiopia and ideal for a fun group dinner.

Berbere review image

LA Review


Berbere is one of the best counter-service Ethiopian restaurants in the city.

The Little Ethiopia Takeout & Delivery Guide guide image

LA Guide

The Little Ethiopia Takeout & Delivery Guide

10 great options for takeout and delivery in LA’s Little Ethiopia.

Awash review image

LA Review


Awash is an excellent restaurant in Little Ethiopia that we love especially for their meat dishes.

Little Ethiopia Restaurant review image

LA Review

Little Ethiopia Restaurant

Little Ethiopia Restaurant serves great African breakfast food, as well as a coffee ceremony fit for royalty.