Rocco's Sports & Recreation

Rocco’s is more of a sports-themed bar than an actual sports bar. With its sleek brown booths and impeccably-curated displays of vintage memorabilia, this Noho spot feels like a Dave & Busters that earned a graduate degree and bought a house on Cape Cod. So if you need a place to catch a game that isn’t too dark and divey, book yourself a table. There are a bunch of TVs spread around the space, including a few embedded in a fake jumbotron above the main dining room. Just keep in mind that the food tries to get a little fancy, and it doesn’t always work out. The massive board of dips is great for groups, but some of the snacks—like the $16 chopped cheese jalapeño poppers—are relatively pricey and dorm room-esque.

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photo credit: Andrew Sokolow

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