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The Best Restaurants In The Hamptons

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The Best Restaurants In The Hamptons

Don’t let the obscene displays of wealth and ridiculous outfits turn you off completely. The Hamptons are all about how you do it, and we can help in that department. This is a list of the best things to eat in the Hamptons, according to us.

The Spots


Momi Ramen

221 Pantigo Rd

Oh DAMN. The Hamptons now have themselves a year round ramen joint and IT’S GOOD. Momi Ramen is actually an import from Miami, but the owners have a house in East Hampton and felt like EH needed a ramen joint. Damn, they were right. It’s a sleek, friendly room, with great service and noodles that could compete in NYC. Go get your slurp on.


Candy Kitchen

2391 Montauk Hwy

This is by no means breaking news, but there’s a reason why this landmark kitchenette in Bridgehampton has been around for decades – it’s f*cking awesome. Not awesome like the food is going to blow you away, awesome like a greasy spoon is awesome. Candy Kitchen isn’t the place you go for poached eggs and mimosas, this is your spot for scrambled eggs and toast. That said, homemade ice cream is the main attraction, and the chocolate fudge brownie is out of this world.



341 Pantigo Rd

East Hampton may have a ton of designer shops and fancy people, but up until recently there’s been nowhere cool to eat and hang out. The arrival of Moby’s has been a complete game changer. It’s like a more mature version of Surf Lodge. The huge, beautiful indoor/outdoor space has solid food and attracts all the cool people. There are tons of big tables, and while Moby’s is a great place for dinner, it’s really more of a destination to drink and mix it up. Just keep in mind that the service is awful, they always seem to be understaffed, and the bug situation can be really tough at times.


Bay Kitchen Bar

39 Gann Rd.

The East Hampton Springs is a black hole when it comes to restaurants. There are plenty of places sitting in pristine locations right along Three Mile Harbor overlooking the bay, but none of them have ever been any good. Bay Kitchen Bar has changed that. Opened in 2014, BKB has a fish-centric menu that is very good, and a vibe that feels more beachy than cheesy. More importantly, you can’t beat the view. It overlooks the bay, and may have the best sunset in all of the Hamptons.


La Fondita

74 Montauk Hwy

Every beach community needs a high quality taqueria, and La Fondita fills that void out East. Order at the counter, grab a Modelo, and set up shop at one of their outdoor picnic tables while your food is prepared. Some of our favorite go-to plates here are the chorizo tacos (or anything with their chorizo for that matter), the daily specials, the refried beans, and plantains with salsa verde. Also, the aguas frescas are great, as are the Mexican wedding cookies.


South Edison

17 S Edison St

This lively restaurant two blocks off the ocean at the far end of Montauk is still putting out some of the best restaurant food on the East End. The menu is loaded with exciting seafood, but there are also plenty of other land-dwelling animals to eat. The awesome wine list, solid local beer selection, and a bloody mary with a crab claw sticking out of it also keep us coming back. We suggest ordering anything from the raw bar, the spicy tuna chalupa, the octopus tacos, the grilled romaine salad, and the grilled lobster with couscous.


A boutique hotel with Nordic flair, you’d never know how funky and different The Maidstone is just by driving by. While it doesn’t look like much from the outside, The Maidstone has more character than almost any other establishment on the East End. It’s a big hangout of the art community, and the Scandinavian food they serve is good too, despite the fact that it’s Scandanavian. If you’re trying to have a legit meal for a night, this is the move. The Living Room at The Maidstone could stand up to some of the best restaurants in Manhattan.


Lunch (Lobster Roll)

1980 Montauk Hwy.

There aren’t a lot of things in life that make us happier than a huge lobster roll from Lunch. Not only is this the best lobster roll in the Hamptons, it’s one of the best lobster rolls in the world. That’s right, we said it.



2468 Main St.

The Hamptons see-and-be-seen game is not our thing, but if you want a little taste of that action, go to Pierre’s. Right smack in the middle of Bridgehampton, Pierre’s is a boisterous French bistro designed to appeal to the Hamptons crowd that spends winters in St. Bart’s. The food is actually really good, and Pierre’s can be a great time if you’re in the right mindset. Just slick your hair back and wear your finest white pants. You’ll fit right in.


Round Swamp Farm

184 Three Mile Harbor Rd.

There are farm stands every five miles in the Hamptons, and they all have great produce. But no one runs an operation quite like Round Swamp. The prepared foods here are absolutely insane. Literally, every single item at Round Swamp is f*cking ridiculous, from the chicken buffalo balls to the guacamole. And don’t even get us started on the desserts. That Lisa, whose name is on all the homemade baked goods…good lord. She has special talents. Just make sure you check with accounting before going. Nothing is labeled with a price tag, which is how you know it’s gonna be stupid expensive. Spending $200 at a farm stand never tasted so good. Also, there’s now a Round Swamp in Bridgehampton too.


Estia's Little Kitchen

1615 Bridgehampton Sag Harbor Turnpike

The fancy people line up for overpriced healthy food at Babette’s in East Hampton. The smart people go get breakfast burritos and hash browns at Estia’s. A tiny mom-and-pop operated restaurant on Route 114 between Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton, Estia’s is our go-to brunch spot and it should be yours as well. Again, get the breakfast burrito.


American Hotel

49 Main St

Break out your finest blazer and have a meal with the old folks. A Hamptons landmark, The American Hotel is a classic. So much so that once inside, all the white hair makes it feel like you’ve been transported back in time to Colonial Williamsburg. Their classic French food remains delicious, but be sure to ask about sitting out on the porch or in the atrium. The back room is not where you want to be.


John's Drive-In

695 Montauk Hwy

Break out your finest blazer and have a meal with the old folks. A Hamptons landmark, The American Hotel is a classic. So much so that once inside, all the white hair makes it feel like you’ve been transported back in time to Colonial Williamsburg. Their classic French food remains delicious, but be sure to ask about sitting out on the porch or in the atrium. The back room is not where you want to be.


Bostwick's Chowder House

277 Pantigo Rd

It’s not our favorite restaurant out East, but it’s the one that we wind up going to the most. Bostwick’s is the perfect spot to visit when you can’t decide where else to go, or just don’t have the energy to cook yourself. It’s quick, it’s casual, and the food is pretty damn good. You can eat outside on their patio (right on Route 27, which isn’t exactly ideal), or take it to go. The menu is seafood heavy, but there’s something fried, grilled or on a bun for everyone. Their lobster roll is also solid, and we’re all about their massive baked clams.


Silver's Restaurant

15 Main St

We’re not breaking any news here, but Silver’s is a classic. It’s been around since 1923, serving nothing but lunch in the heart of Southampton Village. Soups, salads, and sandwiches are the name of the game here. And all those people waiting out front for a table know what’s up – New Yorkers don’t wait unless it’s worthwhile. Make sure to order the clam chowder.


Keep LT Burger in your back pocket for the time you’re craving a burger, but don’t want to cook one on your own. These are the real deal. Come with the whole family and sit in a big booth, or just sit at the bar with a beer. Either way, it’s an ideal scenario. Also, their milkshakes – wow. Bringing The Infatuation boys to the yard. If $15+ burgers the size of your face is too much action, Bay Burger is also a cheaper, quicker option. Their veggie burger is particularly tasty.


Baron's Cove

31 W. Water St.

Baron’s Cove is a 2015 newcomer, a restaurant and bar in a cool boutique hotel of the same name in a secret little strip of bay on the side of Sag Harbor village. It’s a really nice place to hang out, but we don’t suggest eating a full meal here. Just kick it downstairs in the bar area – it’s a really nice room and buzzing with action. Have a couple drinks and then walk around the corner and eat at Beacon.


The Beacon

8 W. Water St.

The food at Beacon is solid, but not special. The crowd is older, and sometimes a little snotty. But the view is spectacular. Overlooking the harbor, there’s no better time to come than at sunset, when the sun lowers over the water, illuminating all the boats in a deep orange glow. Get that ‘gram yo.



84 Wainscott Northwest Rd.

Sandwiches are a necessary beach accessory – almost as essential as flip flops and a 12 pack of Montauk Summer Ale. Breadzilla is king of the sandwich game out here. The menu changes daily, and they always post it online. Also, they open late and close early, so you really have to be efficient and effective when you’re planning Breadzilla runs. Their shrimp salad may be the best shrimp salad in the world, too.


Goldberg’s are in almost every town here now, and definitely the best bagel situation out East. You want lox. You want cream cheese. You want lots and lots of bagels – particularly a sunflower seed flagel.


Levain Bakery

354 Montauk Highway

Chocolate Chip Cookies are big business out east. Everyone makes them, and they all generally resemble the thin, crispy, crunchy ones Tate’s have become famous for. There is one exception to the rule though: Levain. Levain Bakery and their massive brownie-esque cookies make the best cookie in Manhattan. Lucky for us, they also have a bakery in Wainscott. Now you can enjoy delicious baseball-sized cookies in your bathing suit.


Tutto Il Giorno

6 Bay St

Tutto Il Giorno is a Sag Harbor staple, filled with the pretty and the famous, yet off the beaten path enough so it’s not overly sceney or annoying. They have a nice outdoor patio situation across the street from the harbor, and overall it’s a very pleasant dining experience. Prices are steep, but they are everywhere out here. Just be prepared to drop $25 on a bowl of spaghetti with tomatoes. Somehow, it’s worth it.



258 E Montauk Hwy

Make a pit stop on the ride home and hit CowFish in Hampton Bays for a drink and snack to break up the drive. CowFish is one of the coolest venue locations in all of the Hamptons, as it’s a two floor house that’s surrounded by water and boats. The food kinda sucks, but the setting is great and it’s way more Strong Island than the rest of the stuff on this list, which makes for excellent people watching.

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