Sushi Kisen

If you don’t live in the SGV, making the drive to Arcadia can be daunting. But strip mall spot Sushi Kisen warrants a trip. A relative newcomer, Kisen is run by a chef who spent years at Sushi Gen and Shiki in Beverly Hills. Dedication to detail is apparent in the perfectly vinegar-seasoned rice and pristine seafood that has been aged in traditional Edomae style, highlighting lots of seasonal fish like skipjack tuna and goldeneye snapper imported from Japan. There’s an $80 minimum to sit at the blonde wood bar, but spending that much will get you a kingly meal and the focused attention of whichever skillful chef is slicing the goods that day. Otherwise, opt for the dine-in sushi sets that go for $35 at lunch and $50 at dinner. Both are fantastic deals.

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