Iki Ramen

Iki Ramen offers the type of zen, intimate experience you'll need after navigating their cramped strip mall parking lot—it's terrible. And unless you drive a Barbie Jeep, good luck finding a spot that doesn't require crawling out of your sunroof. Inside, this Koreatown noodle spot feels cozy, like a fancy sauna, with its light wooden interior, dim lighting, and low ceilings. And while its name implies ramen is their specialty, the bowls are just OK. Their signature burnt garlic tonkotsu isn't too heavy but lacks that pork-flavored punch. The mild garlic flavor feels like an afterthought, the chashu was room temperature, and the tamago egg was cold. That said, Iki's extensive sushi and sashimi options are what really captured our hearts, including a spicy tuna donburi with a heaping amount of salmon roe and broth-less mazemen noodles topped with truffle oil and Santa Barbara uni. And we'll definitely return to try their 10+ course Monday night omakase that's a solid deal for $105. Next time, though, we'll take an Uber.

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