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Hours:SUNDAY5:30PM to 10:00PM

There are few things better in life than an efficient omakase: when you can slide up to a sushi bar, watch the chef masterfully assemble a blur of nigiri, then head out in less time than it takes to get your car washed. Nozomi, a long-running Torrance sushi bar, excels at this kind of meal. At lunch and dinner they offer a bargain $80 omakase that includes 10 pieces of nigiri and a toro with green onion roll, prepared by chefs who are focused but friendly. The fish selection here is the best in the South Bay, so along with standards like toro and seared albacore you’ll often find snow crab, surf clam, mackerel, and halibut. This is a great place to load up on Santa Barbara uni, too—apparently the owner married into a family that runs a sea urchin delivery company and gets first dibs for his restaurant.

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