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LA Review

EAK Ramen

EAK Ramen is your Melrose ramen option when the lines at Tatsu are way too long.

Ramen Hood review image

LA Review

Ramen Hood

Ramen Hood is an all-vegan ramen spot in Grand Central Market that's somehow actually delicious.

Killer Noodle review image

LA Review

Killer Noodle

Killer Noodle is the newest spot from the people behind Tsujita, and they specialize in tantanmen - super spicy ramen noodles.

Menya Tigre review image

LA Review

Menya Tigre

Menya Tigre on Sawtelle serves some of the only curry ramen you’ll find in LA - and it’s incredible.

Ramen of York review image

LA Review

Ramen of York

Ramen of York is Silver Lake Ramen without the hour long waits.

Tatsu Ramen review image

LA Review

Tatsu Ramen

Tatsu is the future not just because of its iPad wall waiters. It’s the future because it’s quick and easy, and downright delicious.