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Muqueca review image

BOS Review

Brazilian in Cambridge

Muqueca is an excellent casual Brazilian restaurant in Inman Square.

Laughing Monk Cafe review image

BOS Review

Laughing Monk Cafe
Japanese in Mission Hill

The Laughing Monk Cafe is a Thai-Japanese restaurant in Mission Hill that has some sneakily great sushi.

Legal Harborside review image

BOS Review

Legal Harborside
Seafood in Seaport District

Legal Harborside is a giant seafood restaurant in the Seaport, with multiple dining concepts and a big roof deck with harbor views.

La Brasa review image

BOS Review

La Brasa
American in East Somerville

La Brasa is a big, meat-forward place in East Somerville that has a good cocktail menu.

Kala Thai Cookery review image

BOS Review

Kala Thai Cookery
Thai in Downtown

Kala Thai is a great little Thai spot next to the Haymarket downtown.

El Potro review image

BOS Review

El Potro
Mexican in Somerville

El Potro is a small, colorful Mexican place in Union Square with really big plates and margaritas.