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The Best Restaurants In Somerville

Coffee shops, butchers, and ice cream spots too.

Petsi Pies review image

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Petsi Pies

Petsi Pies is an excellent Black-owned pie shop in Somerville - they even have some vegan options available.

Union Square Donuts review image

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Union Square Donuts

Union Square Donuts is a donut shop in Somerville’s Union Square - they also have four other locations around the city.

Himalayan Kitchen review image

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Himalayan Kitchen

Himalayan Kitchen is an excellent Nepali restaurant in Somerville’s Union Square.

Veggie Crust review image

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Veggie Crust

Veggie Crust is a vegan spot in Somerville that serves everything from pizza to curry to ice cream.

Tu y Yo review image

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Tu y Yo

Tu y Yo is a very good Mexican spot near Tufts where everyone should order some tamales.

Forge Baking Company review image

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Forge Baking Company

Forge is an all-in-one coffee shop, bakery, and ice cream store located in Somerville.

Diesel Café review image

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Diesel Café

Diesel Cafe is a popular coffee shop in Davis Square with, interestingly, some pool tables.

Highland Kitchen review image

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Highland Kitchen

Highland Kitchen is a Somerville neighborhood staple that has good cocktails and fun food.

Tipping Cow review image

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Tipping Cow

Tipping Cow is a Black-owned, nut-free ice cream shop in Somerville with some good seasonal flavors.

Celeste review image

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Celeste is a cool little Peruvian restaurant in Union Square that makes great ceviche.

Create Gallery & Cocktails Lounge review image

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Create Gallery & Cocktails Lounge

Create is a tiny art gallery and cocktail bar in Union Square’s Bow Market.

Somerville Brewing Company review image

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Somerville Brewing Company

Somerville Brewing is one of the older breweries in the area, and has built up a nice selection of beers as a result.

Aeronaut Brewing Company review image

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Aeronaut Brewing Company

Just outside Union Square in Somerville, Aeronaut is one of the most fun - and best - breweries in all of Boston.

R. F. O’Sullivan & Son Pub review image

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R. F. O’Sullivan & Son Pub

R.F. O’Sullivan is an Irish pub in Somerville with really good, really big burgers.

El Potro review image

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El Potro

El Potro is a small, colorful Mexican place in Union Square with really big plates and margaritas.

Bronwyn review image

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Bronwyn is a fun German restaurant and bar in Union Square.

T&B Pizza review image

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T&B Pizza

T&B is a Union Square pizza place with some interesting toppings and seriously good crust.

The Painted Burro review image

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The Painted Burro

The Painted Burro is a really crowded, really fun Mexican place in Davis Square.

Martsa on Elm review image

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Martsa on Elm

Martsa on Elm is a casual Tibetan place in Davis Square.